Thursday, July 26, 2012

We are...the Cake Bosses

or not.  Well, if you didn't know it by now, our kids have become addicted to Cake Boss over the summer.  It's on Netflix.  We all decided we wanted to try our attempt at making fondant.  Now, I used to work in bakeries in college. Decorating cakes.  So, I know a little bit. However, I never worked w/ fondant let alone make it.  I decided I wanted to try a tall layer cake.  Not real tall, just four layers.  So, made the cake yesterday so it could sit in the cooler over night.  I'll take you through a step by step.  Try not to laugh. Okay, you can laugh. 

I ran out of icing last night.  Made more this morning.  Not so pretty, huh?

This was the attempt at fondant.  We were laughing the whole time we were making it.  It was so greasy.  So, tried adding more confectionary sugar.  We were trying everything.

Instead, I finished icing the cake and then let the kids and their friends start to decorate it as well.  

Says we love Cake Boss on the top.  They all want to take a trip to Carlos' Bakery in NJ.  

Reni, trying her hand at decorating.

Summer wanted me to help her.  There isn't a cake this child doesn't like.They had all just come in from the pool.

Alex looks like a deer in headlights.  

 I know, I know, I didn't really smooth the cake out.  Hey, this was our practice cake and frankly, I have a few other things to do around here. 


Alyona was more than happy to help decorate.

A look inside our cake.  I thought the inside turned out a little pretty.

This was a tall, sweet cake.  I cut slices and then again cut them in half.  

It was a learning experience for us all and a bit of fun thrown in.  We did that today and a few other things.  Tell you more in awhile.  Just need to get a few other things done.  Max is painting the upstairs hallway.  We love it!  Turning out awesome.  Looks much better.  Kids are going in the pool again.  I may just have to go with them.  Heat index is 109 today.  It's hot out.  More later.  Lots of little things going on that will take a few posts for sure. 


  1. Gorgeous layers! Wow!

  2. Hi Stephanie, I just found your blog recently and loved reading about your family. I think you should send these pictures to the Cake Boss! I think he'd love it. Also, when you made the fondant, what kind did you make? Wilson has a marshmallow fondant that looks easy to make. Good luck!

  3. Definitely send these pictures in to Cake Boss. Too cute! I love your family. :-)

  4. Eventually they will be delivering coast to coast:

    My husband is a "friend" of them on Facebook.