Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Vocational Rehab

Today was a meeting for Irina for Vocational Rehab.  These are the folks that supposedly help the high schoolers transition into jobs after high school.  they also help adults with developmental disabilities find employment.  Now, we had a run in with these folks back in February when we were trying to get Irina started w/ a job program at school.  They wouldn't tell us where their funding came from, wouldn't allow us to see legal papers Irina was supposed to sign, and told us piece work would actually cap out at minimum wage no matter how much output you gave.  So, we withdrew Irina from school.  That was NOT the only reason we withdrew her. 

Decided to go back as homeschoolers and see if anything different may occur.  Warren and Irina went this morning.  He said he would see what is available as far as jobs go and would try to help her focus on some job training such as interviews and things.  He also told us about a drivers ed class that may help her pass the test better.  She's taken it three times thus far.  They can't modify the test despite it being hard for special ed students and I totally understand that.  However, makes it very difficult for adults in such a position and very limiting for them as to what jobs they could have as they would not be able to drive. 

Now, I appreciate this guy wanting to help.  However, he is based out of Smithfield.  We live in a different town.  Though that's not far from us, it's very inconvenient especially if she can't drive.  I'd have to haul everyone 4 times a day for her to work!  It wouldn't pay for the gas.  Just stupid.  They are based out of Smithfield so they focus only on that town really for jobs.  I did not expect this to be easy.  I didn't.  I can't let her go to a job and have her pay me for gas ( I would do this given her age) and then not make anything from it.  Trying to think of a solution here.  Irina is  a very hard worker.  Motivated to do anything.  Doesn't mind hard work either.  Loves to clean.  Ideal worker really.  We will be doing more applications locally and seeing what can happen. 

This guy is supposed to call us back with more details.  Just feel down about it all.  Another thing he told us was that she won't be able to qualify for SSI.  Now, what will we do?  Here's the problem with that.  She won't make more than minimum wage paying job most likely.  On that income, she won't be able to live independently.  Doesn't fit into the group home setting.  Irina can stay on our insurance as long as she's in school.  That's only this year.  After that, she's on her own.  She won't be able to afford it and since she wont' qualify for SSI, she won't be able to qualify for Medicaid.  I'm really worried & don't know how this will turn out.  Now I understand why most people I meet w/ adult children w/ devel. disabilities are living at home.  Irina has SO, SO much to give society.  Now I even see more clearly why it's imperative Warren and I find a way to build that community we want to.  Can get it all off the ground. However, it all starts w/ selling this house and it's just not possible right now. 

Can you tell I feel like having a pity party today??  Anyone else have experience w/ Voc. Rehab, I'd love to hear how it finally turned out.  More posts forthcoming.  Just been a really, really long day.  This is just one thing.  Tons happening in regards to schooling.  URGHH!!! is all I have to say.


  1. Why won't she qualify for SSI? Are her disabilities not documented enough? If not, work on getting them documented in the next year while she is still under your insurance. Then hopefully when she is out of school, she will be able to qualify.

    Also, have you thought about finding someone who has a cleaning business and getting her work there? My cousin is OCD like your daughter and she just opened her own cleaning business and is making a killing. I'm not sure if your daughter has the capability to open her own business, but surely there is someone there who could use the help.

  2. check with the Yes I Can program in Smithfild. They offer on the job training, opportunities for community service and advocacy involvement, as well as transportation.

  3. I'm in CA so things here might be different, but does the school district have an ROP program where she could get training to work in a preschool? She seems good with children. My daughter went through the program and then got a job at a local preschool. Just a thought. The cleaning idea sounds good to.

  4. Another vote for the "Yes I Can" program. While I don't know a lot about it, I do know it has worked for many kids with disabilities.