Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday

Boy, long time since one of these posts have happened.  For new people out there, those of us that live with children w/ mental health issues and behavioral issues such as FASD and RAD, have to understand the fact that it is the disorder causing a lot of these issues and NOT the child.  The child is good inside.  As a parent, I sometimes need to remind myself of that.  So, I try to find a reason for each child as to what they did nice for the week.  Even if it has been a horrifying week for them.  There is at least one thing  you can always find.  I'm sure of it.  So, here we go.

Irina-- she helped teach Yana how to make homemade peanut butter cookies.  Irina is our resident baker.  Yana, well, let's just say when she is an adult, there will be a lot of take out. LOL.  Not trying to be mean.  We're tryign to teach.  Each person has their niche.  Cooking just isn't quite hers.  However, I thought it was really thoughtful for Irina to want to teach her.  And, they did great!

Max-- Max took time out to teach Logan how to draw.  Got to love Logan's make shift desk.  That is a dream in their new bedrooms...desks for each.

Yana--   Offered to read to the younger kids which I thought was sweet of her. 

Bojan-- Bojan saw that Summer didn't have as much to play w/ in the pool.  So, he blew up one of the little rafts for toddlers that we have.  Very thoughtful of him to think of his sister like that.

Alyona-- Alyona has been offering to help out Summer more.  Like helping her get a bath or things like that.  Being a good big sis.  Most the time.  LOL. 

Alex--  Offered to get his sister some water b/c he thought she might be thirsty after eating cake.  Very thoughtful of him to think of someone else. 

Logan-- The other day Logan came in from walking Alaska.  Shoes were covered in wet grass and dirt.  It was all over.  Instead of leaving it, like most my boys would have, he got the broom and started sweeping up the hallway. I thought that was very thoughtful of him.

Reni--  The other day, Reni went on her own and made everyone Ramen Noodles for lunch.  She loves being independent and just was thoughtful of her to think of others.

Nik-- Nik wanted to help in the kitchen the other day for dinner.  Thought that was thoughtful of him for sure.  He used the can opener for the first time.  I know, canned cranberry sauce. 

Summer--Came up to her daddy after a long day at work and squeezed him.  She said "love you daddy."  She was all smiles sitting w/ him the other night on the couch.  Very cuddly.  Loves her daddy for sure! 

Today, Alyona has a friend coming over.  It's going to be a low key day for all of us I think.  tomorrow we'll do some errands but today, stay home, clean up and learn something.  Doing the Olympics lapbooks later today.  Tomorrow, kids have an event at church and are looking forward to it.  This weekend, it is paint and clean, paint and clean.  We want to get all this stuff done over the summer so that we have a pretty 'free' list during the fall when there is soccer, track, trips, school, etc.  More later today.  

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