Sunday, July 22, 2012

Shameful Sunday

Well today is Sunday.  We finally, finally made it to church today.  Finally.  We have been very bad lately at attending church.  Blame it on the summer heat, the things to do, etc. Okay, NO, blame it on us.  We haven't gone for a few weeks.  Yes, we've missed everyone but I think got into a rut.  Today, we were determined to climb out of that rut and go to service at 11.  We made it.  Would you like to know how it went for the kids?  Take a look at the picture.

Yeh, that about sums it up.  Summer is crying b/c she just got in trouble.  Alyona is not looking b/c she's sulking for also getting in trouble.

Okay, kids go to JAM (Jesus and Me) while we attend service upstairs.  It's great for the kids.  Older girls help while Max and Bojan attend w/ us.  Their choice.  We always ask how they did.  Today, much to our disbelief, got reports from the girls at just how horrible the younger kids were.  I was livid!  Alex, Logan, Nik and Summer were the main culprits.  No respect.  None.  Rudeness, etc.  It's like they weren't even our kids down there.  URGHH!!!  Alex & Logan of course tried to force the blame unto Nik.  They do this often as he's less apt to defend himself.  Though, he's getting better at it lately. 

Logan, Nik and Alex were talking the whole time.  More than a couple of times, they were told to be quiet not only by Yana & Irina but also but some adults there.  I...was...mad.  To say the least.  They know better.  They know what we expect of them.  Then, during prayer time, Summer bletches!  Yep, burps.  URGHH!!!  She gets this from....Alyona. Hence, why I was not happy w/ her.  It is something we've been on Alyona about for awhile now.  We got home and punishment chores it was for them.  This was not how I wanted us to go back to church. 

Got home and had to get some lunch and then get to work.  It has taken poor Warren literally all weekend long to try to fix the girls' fiasco of a room that was painted.  He's been working hard. It's getting done. 

To help Warren out, Max installed a ceiling fan in the girls' room.  It will soon become the boys' room.  Well, Max and Bojan's room.  They're going for an industrial type look/ modern look.  No, the walls aren't staying pink for them.  And Turner Memorial Baptist Church had done such an awesome job helping us prep the room for the new girls.  It was such a blessing.  But, to keep the peace we must change the rooms around again.  So, this will be the two oldest boys' room soon.  Ceiling fan was broken so needed a new one and let the boys pick it out.  

Rest of us have been cleaning up downstairs.  Even organizing cabinets in the kitchen and wiping them out.  Just basically getting stuff done and organized.  Feels great.  In a bit, Warren is grilling us out some pork chops.  Yum.  I will be trying to do some more paperwork in a bit as well.  Much more going on.  We will be having to do lots of handy work ourselves it appears.  No bids yet but good idea of how they'll come out making it impossible to do what we need to do to the house.  Still working on our plan C.  Would be nice if things every once in awhile went easy.  LOL.  But then that wouldn't be real life.  More later. 

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