Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Science in summer

Well, there is always time for learning.  A few weeks ago, I found a kit for sale for $7 at Walmart.  Picked it up. 

Nik was SO excited about this project.  Watching catepillars turn into butterflies.

He watched everyday out of sheer delight.  The other day, we were awoken by Nik screams.  Jump out of bed to see what's wrong.  He was screaming b/c they emerged from the cacoon.  He and the other kids were fascinated.  It is really cool to watch up close and personal.  

Getting ready to release some butterflies.  Everyone patiently waiting to see if they'll actually fly away.  

Irina decided she was the one to grab them and let them fly out.  

Ready to get some more butterflies out.  My kids could careless if they're in their bathing suits.  In the summer, they live in them.

Love Irina's face.  The butterfly is that spot against the white above Alyona's head.  Notice the eyes on it from below.

One slow one to emerge.  He wasn't quite ready yet but kids saw the butterfly in the cacoon which was cool.

Not too bad for a science project, hey?  Does this count as homeschool credit?  

And this is how Digby felt about all the butterfly hype.  Yep, he's just enjoying the relaxing dog days of summer. 

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