Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Random pictures

Found a couple pictures that I thought I'd share.  No catchy title.  Just random pictures from around here.

Alyona.  Our now teenager.  She's growing up, isn't she?

'King Kota' in one of his favorite spots.  On the stairs.

I promised Nik a fish.  Beta fish it was.  The thing on the left is supposed to be this plant that sucks in all the dirt in the water and grows.  Don't waste your money is all I'll say about that one. 

The boys new hamper.  URGHH!!  Hate paying for things like this.  We used the last one I got till we couldn't use it any more at all.  I paid $2 for a brand new giant hamper for the boys at a yard sale like two years ago.  It was new, you could tell.  Biggest thing I'd ever seen, and perfect for 5 boys.  (we knew we were getting Logan back then).  This one is much, much smaller but I have been looking forever w/out trying to break the bank.  Like it or not, this is it boys. 

Nik, admiring his new fish.  Notice the Spongebob house for it?  He had to have that. 

All of them look on.  Discussing how they're carrying a full fishbowl up the stairs.

The other day it was pouring down rain.  My girls decided to go on the trampoline.

Drowned rats is what they became.  And loved every second of it.

Slapping each other with shirts.  Why, I'm not sure.

But since they were laughing the whole time, I wasn't about to stop it.  Notice Ms. Summer has no hesitation going after her sisters.  That kid has some serious spunk!  All in all, fun time for them.

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  1. It's good to see Summer playing rough and tumble with her sister in safe confidence.