Friday, July 6, 2012

Radom pictures

Have a couple of pictures.  Just random pictures.  Thought I'd share.  We've been really preoccupied these last few days.  Have really enjoyed our time with our house guest Courtney.  She's awesome and the kids have fallen in love w/ her.  She came to visit us and get some more adoption information and things of that nature.  She'll be back in a few weeks to do an adoption documentary.  Pretty cool.  Hope we didn't scare her too much.  That's why I haven't written.  Well, that and the internet was down for some time yesterday.  Today, it's going to be 102 out.  We're staying in.  We were outside almost all day yesterday.  I have a terrible allergy/ sinus thing going on and today think being in would be best.  A nap would be better but you and I both know that doesn't happen in this house.  I'm spending the day getting school stuff ready for the homeschoolers next year.  Also, we're doing an Olympics lapbook next week as well as studying Egypt in July.  Gives us all something to do and keeps their mind going.  Well, time for some random pictures.  More posts later today. 

Nik decided after  the party to snag all the balloons and hang them up in his room.  

And this would be where all our stupid duck tape goes.  URGHH!!!  He hangs his drawings all over the wall.  You come to our home, you will see lots and lots of patch work that needs to be done.  This would be one of the reasons why.

King Kota still thinks he owns the couch and the house.  He's much more mellow now which we love.  

Couch is still not big enough w/ all the dogs that take up real estate on it.  LOL.  Another reason we have a brown couch.  

 Max loves his sister.  Just needs to learn how to dress her a bit for bed.  Notice the zipper is in the back.  You can see Max in hysterics in the background when I told him what he did to Summer.  She was wondering how to go the bathroom.

Yet another dog on the couch!  This is Alaska in her sweetness.  She loves to cuddle and be held like a baby.  Sweet, sweet dog.  Just likes to bolt at any sign of the outdoors.  Can't wait to get a fence up some time this summer.

We're waiting on a few bids to go to the bank w/ about redoing our home.  Changing the current garage into a bedroom for the girls.  Adding a garage w/ space above it.  Putting on a new roof and new hvac system.  A fence as well.  Lots to do but since we can't move and the house is twenty years old or so, systems are starting to go soon.  roof, hvac, etc.  Same time, we'll refi it all.  Trying to think a bit about the future as some of our kids will be w/ us long term.  Also working on some schooling issues w/ the kids.  Waiting to hear from the school regarding an IEP meeting for Alyona.  Yep, still waiting.  First contact was in May.  Got to love JCPS.  I've contacted them 2 times since then.  Never ends.  If she can get into a self-contained class this year at another middle school, we'll send her.  If not, she'll be homeschool again.  We'll see what happens.  Well, need to work on some house stuff and then I'll write some more posts since I must live like a hermit today.  LOL.

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  1. I have two questions - what's a lapbook? I need you to give me ideas on how to proceed with homeschooling Andrei as that is what we plan to do. Second question is what is "self-contained" regarding school?

    Make sure you let us all know when the documentary is on tv as I'm sure we'd all love to watch it! :)

    Stay cool! Just found out my dad was without power for 6 days in this nasty heat! :( It just came back on today.