Friday, July 6, 2012

Q & A Part II

1.  You briefly mentioned in a post recently about your kids being orphanage rockers. My newly adopted five year old is a rocker and I was curious if you'd seen that subside in any of your older children. Am I going to be sending my son to college as a rocker? :) Might need to warn his roommates then...  I've had many orphanage rockers.  Once they get comfortable in their surroundings, they tend not to do it as violently any more.  However, the longer they were in the orphanage, the more likely this habit will remain.  2 of my teens still rock but not like before.  One is a quick side to side w/ the head and then asleep.  The other one though, still pretty fierce a rocker and I too am thinking college roommates beware.  LOL.  BTW, the one that is a fierce rocker still was 6 at time of adoption.  Definitely less than it was when first home but still very noticeable.  Doesn't hurt them though and they've had no issues w/ spending the night w/ friends.  No one ever says a thing.  Guess it just bugs me.  Well, doesn't any more.  Used to b/c I thought they might hurt themselves.  They don't.  It's comfort.  And like I said, after awhile for years and years, I think it's pretty much habit too. 

2.  Also, have you dealt with much sensory processing disorders in your family? My son's is the worst when he is tired and trying to stay awake (does gross things, breaks things, squeezes furniture, etc.) 
We've dealt w/ a little bit but not enough to ever comment.  Nik would do gross things too but therapist said it's common and just let him go.  Umm, okay when younger but as they get older...nope.  His new thing is trying to squeeze my finger so hard he seems like he'll break it.  Tried all the suggestions ands nothing seemed to work for him.  Nik sensory seeks as well.  Trampoline and swinging is fantastic for that.  Seems to calm a bit more.  I just don't feel comfortable in knowledge to speak on the topic.

3.  Have you thought of writing a book. We actually have talked about writing a book soon.  Not sure anyone would read it but hey, might be fun to write. 

I know I had done a previous Q & A but these last 3 questions got lost in the shuffle.  Or maybe a just a lazy blog poster.  One of the two.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  We are cleaning, getting a new fish (remember our suicidal one while we were gone?), and swimming.  Nice summer weekend.  104.  Time to go cook some grub for the troops.  BBQ chicken, corn, and green beans.  More posts to come.  Trying to go through some old posts and finish them up.  Got only about 8 more to go.  LOL. 

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question! My gross, squeezing rocker and I appreciate it! ;)