Friday, July 6, 2012

A Plea for Help

This is not about adoption.  This is about a friend in trouble w/ limited time to get surgery she needs.  We have a dear friend that has been a blessing to our family and to Nik.  She is local, been to our home, is REAL, and a woman of great caliber.  She is an interpreter for the deaf.  Uses her hands daily and her eyes.  This is where you all may come in to play.  See, recently she found out she is going blind.  There is surgery that can save her eyesight though.  She has insurance.  Though as a teacher, it is not that great of insurance.  Costs are high.  Long story short, she needs to raise $4500.  Now, this is a lady who gives all and helps so, so many including our family.  Her heart is kind.  She is modest and will never admit how many she has helped.  Frankly, I honestly don't think she knows the impact she has on people.  It's amazing.  She is self-less and adores teaching.  She does not drive fancy cars or live in a lavish home.  She does more for others than herself.  You know, the kind of person you'd define as hero.  Yeh, that's her.  Well, we have a chance to give to someone who has given so much of their lives to others.  Please, please read her story.  It's not long.  A paragraph.  She the link on blogs, facebook, etc.  Let's help her so Linden can continue to help so many others for years to come.  Thanks so much!  Linden's eyes .

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