Thursday, July 19, 2012

Paint, paint and more paint

Well, we're trying to get the house all fixed up since we're going to be here long term.  We've told the kids they can pick out any colors.  NO issues whatsoever.  don't care what it is but you must have to live with it.  Period.  So, we're in the process of repainting the dining room, the master bathroom, Irina's room, Yana's room, girls' new room, Max & Bojan's new room, younger boys' room and the upstairs hallway.  In other words, that's a heck of a lot of paint and will take some time.  We finished the master bathroom.  I LOVE it!  Got the sample from Lowes first to try.  It's hard to get a color of it on camera but I tried.

You can't really tell the color from here.  Too dark to see.  

Okay, so normally I don't take pictures of the toilet.  However, this gives a better idea of what the color looks like.  It feels a lot lighter in person.  It's an awesome color and with the white feels like the beach a bit.  I LOVE the beach.  

Close up of the color of the master bathroom.  I was just tired of the dull colors.  I want to come alive in the morning.  Not go to sleep.  LOL.

Now, we let the teen girls paint Irina's room.  What ever possessed us to think that this would be a good idea, I'm not sure.  Think I'm kidding?  Take a peek.

Granted, hard to tell they did anything wrong here.  Just notice how dark it is w/ the sun shining in.  That should clue you in.

Hey, at least they remembered to tape, right?  What is w/ the streaks?!

And this was only a little paint on the floor.  URGHH!!!  It was literally all over the room.

What were they thinking?!  It is so uneven and the camera really doesn't give it the justice it so deserves.  They had the nerve to blame it on the paint!  Since they were out of the cheap paint at Lowes, this is the expensive crap!  URGHH!!  They said the paint had chunks in it.  We said did you stir it??  

The dark line between streaks adds a nice touch.

They told me they could not get the outlet covers off even w/ a screwdriver.

Ah, forget taking the covers off, just paint over them!  What in the world??  Yes, Warren and I were so unhappy we said close the door.  We'll fix it next week.  So, this coming Saturday, we are fixing what they did.  Don't always ask for help.  Lesson learned.


  1. Aww, I am so sorry about Irina's room. Our teenager did the same thing and painted over all the covers. Fortunately, covers are cheap to replace. We ended up hiring someone to paint it all after Samm left to go to college.

    Your bathroom looks awesome!! :) Please continue to show the rest of the paint colors that you choose for the rest of the house.

  2. Wow! You are not kidding. That is one seriously awful paint job. Sometimes the only thing you can do is just laugh!

    Your bathroom looks great, though.

  3. I painted a room in my house one time with very expensive ralphlauren paint (close to this color) and it was crap!! I have painted many a houses and it looked a lot like that: streaky, clumpy, uneven. I had to do six coats and it still wouldnt cover! finally a friend of mine who is a builder had his paint guy do a color match for me with a different paint brand and that took care of it. Anyhow, all that to say don't buy the above mentioned paint brand (it also washes off if you wipe the wall w/ a damp rag), and it really could have been the paint causing all the streaks and unevenness. Love the bathroom color:)