Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My kids are the people of Walmart

I hate even typing that title.  But it's so true, especially w/ the boys.  This week has been our ultimate lazy week for a change.  Today, we had the plumber come and fix all the leaky faucets.  Warren usually does all this but the outside ones and the shower/tub combo required some special tools and crawling under the house.  So, had to hire someone.  If I ever hear a plumber complain they don't make enough, I may have to take issues w/ them.  But, it's fixed now.  No leaks and everything works now too which is awesome.  One time, I'm going to buy something frivolous w/ tax money instead of fixing things each year.  One day.  For now though, we're fixing many broken things.  Warren's car is next on the list.  Figures, we're just a few short payments away from paying it off.  URGHH~!!!  This happens to us w/ every single car. 

After the plumber left, the speech therapist came for Nik.  He gets speech 3X a week and AV 2X a week now.  She might as well move in here.  Great thing we like her.  LOL.  She does awesome w/ Nik & doesn't let him get away w/ anything.  While she was here, the contractor came to see what we want so we can get another bid.  We'll know next week if we can even do this.  If not, there is a plan C.  Plan A was selling.  That obviously didn't work.  We're on Plan B now.  He was nice so see what his work comes in at. 

Later, we all watched a movie.  Warren came home early today as he had a doc appointment for his ankles.  He was in a horrible motorcycle accident years ago and ankles have been messed up every since.  He and I then took 4 of the kids w/ us to Lowes to return some parts the plumber didn't need.  We go in there and I realize my kids look like the People of Walmart.  Nik had on Curious George flip flops...yellow.  All kinds of colors plaid shorts.  And a brown & white shirt on...inside out of course.  Summer had a dress on and most likely boots.  Don't remember.  I let her dress herself.  Alyona is at the in between stages of a preteen.  So, she had a bra on.  How could you tell?  She had a tank top on that was cut differently in the back.  Reni always looks like Punky Brewster.  Don't believe me?  Take a look from the other night:

Those are toe socks in the 100 degree weather folks.  Only reason the shirt somewhat matches is b/c I told her to go change the other one.  It was orange and other colors mixed w/ it.  Typically, her hair is in a pony tail or something and bangs have barrettes all in them.  So, it's missing it's true effect.  I'll have to take her true punky one day.  

The boys are infamous for going out and we get to wherever we're going and I realize their shirts are all stained or filthy.  IT's not like they don't have clothes.  That's not the issue here.  I have decided I should check them again at the door like I used to.  I'm telling  you, one day we're going to be photographed and put on that page.  I've warned my kids!  Not that we don't stand out enough in a crowd.  

Anyhow, today was lazy.  Irina & Yana made their first homemade cake together.  Turned out fairly well.  Warren and I took 4 of the kids to Lowes and let them pick out paint samples.  The 3 younger boys agree to paint their room orange.  Max and Bojan want black.  Irina and Yana want this deep pink/ purple color.  And finally, finally Reni, Summer and Alyona have agreed.  Purple and lime green it is!  So happy about that.  See, they've been going back and forth on color.  They all agreed to red but mom nixed that idea.  LOL.  Glad they finally agreed.  I got a sample can and tested it on our bathroom and love it.  So, painting our bathroom the next few days.  I figured if I can't afford a new bathroom, I can at least try to make mine look like a "spa."  Okay, stop laughing.  This is the same bathroom you know that doubles as a laundry room b/c we really don't have a laundry room.  We improvise.  Our washer and dryer is in a hall closet.  Originally, this home was designed for the typical American family.  Not a family of 12.  Anyhow, we're all kind of excited to change things up around here w/ some paint and fixing things that are broken.  It' s awesome.  Now, to get to work on it all tomorrow.  

As much as I'd love to try out for the Biggest Loser (open casting calls are here this weekend!), I know after today, there is no way I can leave them here alone for months at a time.  So, I'll continue to lose on my own journey as I don't get to exercise  non-stop for 8 hours or more a day.  But, I'll get there slowly but surely.  Reminds me, kids broke the scale so I'll have to get another one soon.  More posts soon.  Have started a bunch but never finished them.  Kind of like our house, right?  This weekend we're going to a little local carnival.  And, going to the movies one night.  It was an unexpected gift from a great guy half way across the world in Australia!  Can't wait to enjoy our night out at the movies and ice cream after.  Will be a great break from painting for sure. 

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  1. I love Reni's socks. Where can I get a pair like it for myself?