Sunday, July 22, 2012

Max's makings

You've seen this one before but not finished like this.  Max donated the bench he made to the Faith Alliance Church in Garner where the younger kids play Upwards Soccer.  The coach was very grateful and said they'd make it the home team bench.  So, he did.

The colors for this season are red and black.  I think it turned out fantastic!  Very proud of Max.  So proud that I'm having him make two more for our back yard so that we can eat out there.  With the prices of patio sets being around $2K for the seats we need, this is a much better option.  And, it's unique.  We'll pick our own colors and go from there.  Our umbrella is yellow so going to keep with that most likely.  Need to get Max the wood to make them.  I know wood is expensive but it's a heck of a lot cheaper than the store bought patio sets.  

Anyhow, it's great that they can use Max's work and that others will see it.  And, gives the team a great place to sit.  It's very sturdy and that bench is extra long to seat more people. Hope the teams will get a lot of use out of it this coming year.  Can't wait till Max makes some more things this summer.  I'll be sure to take pictures. 

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  1. Somewhere I have directions for how to make a daybed...think I need to get these to your son :) He is very talented!