Friday, July 13, 2012

Max's Drawings

I haven't done one of these for a bit.  One of the kids took the camera the other day and took pictures of Max's art work.  Albeit a bit blurry, you still get a good idea of what he's done. 

I asked Max what he drew.  He said our house that he wants us to build.  Umm, ok son.  I guess we just need to find a few hundred thousand dollars more, what do you think?  LOL.

A little closer view.  Lots of varying architecture in the roof line.

Love the turant he decided we should have.  Love it.

And, he knows I've always wanted a nice porch.  

I do wish this house actually existed.  I do believe it could be a very nice Chaos Manor for sure.  Hey, he can dream too.  

Pictures on the wall.  Picture of our bus on the bottom.  He's also created a bus that he wants us to have.  Again, need a few more bucks when it comes to Max's drawings.  Still, he comes up w/ very clever ideas that I do believe are marketable.  

Just wanted to share.  Lots going on here.  Irina, Max and Yana are staying at friends' houses this evening.  Tomorrow, we're going to a local family fun fest.  Reni, Logan and Alex will NOT be attending.  They are grounded.  To a tee.  Anyhow, more a bit later.  For now, going to go hang out w/ Bojan downstairs and kick some more ideas around of where we want to travel in the fall.  Can't wait.  Have an awesome weekend.  Much more to share but just a bit busy.  I'll catch up over the week.

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