Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Max's drawings

Someone the other day took pictures of Max's artwork.  I figured why not put some up here.  Some is unfinished as you can see.  He just has such a mechanical mind.  Wish I had his talent.

Looks like a weight lifting set from school.  It's all in the details for Max 

Our van with a uhual.  

Looks like a started drawing but not yet complete.

I have no idea if this is a made up creature or one already in existence.  Just looks plain scary to me.

Hey, I recognize that rv!  He went and drew ours.  Great detail for sure.

Looks like some type of engine to me.  Of course, too technical for me to know.

Max drawing a truck and a camper behind it.

More coming later tonight.  It's July 3rd.  Not much.  We have a house guest here who is getting to know the kids and our family.  She will be doing an adoption documentary on us.  In August.  Kids have NO shortage of what to say.  Poor Courtney is getting an ear full.  Better than what my youngest did the other day.  Nik was having speech therapy.  Boys have obviously been teaching her some new words.  She hangs over the dining room table and says "mom, you fart."  I hear laughter in the background.  All I could think of was the seen from Annie when Ms. Hannigan says "KILL, KILL, KILL!!"  LOL.  It was all the speech therapist could do not to laugh.  Yes, this is my life.  Next post will be on the birthday parties this past weekend.  Kids have been swimming all day long.  Why are they not tired??  Give them a wheel and my kids could generate enough electricity for an entire town.  I really think they could.  Anyhow, next post on the b-days and then one on what all is happening around here.  Lots.

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  1. Wow!! Max really is very talented!! :) So sorry you had to endure Summer saying that in front of the ST. That's the drawback of having older kids that the younger kids look up to and learn quickly from.