Sunday, July 15, 2012

Max's boat drawing

I missed one the other day.  This is another one of Max's drawings:

This is a picture of the ship Max drew.  Quite a beauty, don't you think?

 A bit closer of a view.  Believe it or not, did not take him very long to draw it.

Even closer view.  It has quite the detail.  And, all he uses is a pencil and a ruler to create all his drawings.  I think that is something.

Look at the shading and just all those lines.  Lots of time.  

A final look at Max's ship.  I could never create what Max does.  My kids know art is not my 'thing.'  Each child here has their own talent.  This is Max's by far.  His eye for detail is incredible.  What do you think of Max's ship?

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  1. Would Max be willing to donate a drawing to help raise money for an adoption?? I would LOVE to auction one of his drawings off... I bet I could make some money for a family!! THINK ABOUT IT!!!