Monday, July 23, 2012

Manic Monday

Gee, I'm getting started on this one late.  Currently, Yana is sitting on the floor interviewing me (sporadically) for a book she wants to write.  About her life from being an orphan to now.  Should be interesting.  Anyhow, busy week coming up.  Lots on the mind.  So, here goes nothing.

  • more contractors coming
  • Plan C is looking better & better as an option
  • Need lots of help to get the house fixed up
  • Been working on a grant app for Nik's Neptunes
  • Working on a local grant to possibly get a Kindle Fire for speech
  • Still need a family portrait made
  • Never sent off for ANY of my kids the I-884 forms
  • Need to readopt 9 of my kids
  • Need to get 8 kids US passports at some point in time
  • Need to schedule our next PPR believe it or not
  • Reni and Logan wrote a letter to friends today
  • Waiting to hear back if there was room squeezed in for kids for homeschool academy
  • Need to sell stuff
  • Have to work on SSI stuff for Irina
  • Need to paint dining room (finish it)
  • Planning next  year's vacation
  • Looking at communication systems for Nik
  • Advocating for a 12yo deaf boy who needs to be readopted
  • Making cardiology appt. for Summer
  • Summer has dyspraxia
  • Summer is now getting speech once a week
  • It's hot here
  • Pool is now blue....finally
  • Arby's is having .64 sandwiches today
  • We have a house guest coming this Saturday
  • Need to locate some old pictures
  • Need to find someone that wants to be interviewed about our family
  • Kids had soccer tryouts
  • Alyona is not playing soccer this season
  • Guinea pig hurt his leg
  • Dogs need a bath
  • Irina's room is fixed and painted
  • Max hung up all new dining room blinds today
  • Found the girls an aquarium on Craigslist for $5...score!
  • I'm exhausted
  • Yana has been writing a friend from Stavropol
  • Need to pick up teens report cards from high school
  • Need to make sure psych eval was received
  • Still no word on Alyona's IEP
  • Waiting to hear if younger kids get to go to homeschool academy
  • Warren's glasses are ready
  • Irina has neurology this week
  • Speech therapy countless times this week
  • Warren's car needs repair.  Lots of repair.  URGHH!!!
  • Kids and I are still addicted to Cake Boss
  • We're going to make fondant icing this week
  • Really too many other things to name.  LOL
Well, started this this morning.  My long day turned into a long night.  finished one grant app for Nik online.  Now, need to gather tax returns, doc letters, and insurance letters.  This grant is a long shot to get his Neptunes partially paid for but worth it if it happens.  Trying to do things one at a time still.  Tomorrow, kids and I have a roofer coming for an estimate, putting together our lapbook for Olympics, speech therapy, and probably a bit of cleaning up.  We'll see.  I just have a ton of paperwork to get done that I told the kids we really do need to stay here this week.  Got to go.  Still much, much more to do and already beyond late here.  Hey, this is life.  More pictures from our past weekend and things like that.

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  1. Stephanie,
    I'm a keen reader looking forward to check out your blog every morning.
    HOWEVER - English is not my my first language and I'm unsure what the abbreviations PPR and SSI stand for. I haven't been able to figure out what Neptunes are and I certainly do not know why anyone would need I-884 forms. You would make a nosy lurker REALLY happy if you'd take time to explain...