Monday, July 9, 2012

Manic Monday

It really is not manic but I feel that way.  Crazy here and it's only morning.  But, some days are like that.  Dog is going insane b/c he hates the flyswatter.  We have had massive fly problem the last 3 days.  Umm, could it be people tend to not close the door fast enough?  No, never.  Anyhow, lots happening as usual but NO appointments whatsoever this week so rejoicing in not having to be anywhere.  Thought I'd give a glimpse of what is happening here and what's on the agenda for this week. 

  • Boys seem to be "stuck" in a fighting w/ each other mode lately
  • Kids are stilling loving the pool
  • First day out of the 100's in awhile
  • Getting the outside yard in shape
  • Much died w/ the heat in regards to flowers
  • Waiting for contractors to call us back
  • Collecting bids for remodel
  • Kids are deciding how they want their new rooms (colors)
  • Have decided Yana needs a new bed.  Hers is 50 or more years old and the dog has chewed it up as well.  And, it's wobbly.  Warren and Max are going to make one that hangs on the wall and folds up.  Sort of Murphy style but not.  Can't wait to see how it turns out.  
  • Got some new fish as our suicidal ones finally died.  They jump out of the tank every time we're gone.
  • Our of flour.  I never run out of flour
  • 95 today but rest of the week in the 80's
  • Need to find a plumber.  Separate issue.  URGHH!!!
  • Pool is finally balanced.  
  • Boys are in a "mood" today
  • For some reason, flies have taken over the house.  We honestly can't figure it out or where they're coming from.
  • Lots of emails again to catch up on
  • Doc appointments to make.  About 25 to make.  Yeh, I'll get there.
  • Still no word from JCPS regarding Alyona's IEP and attempt at a self-contained classroom at another school
  • Getting homeschool stuff ready for next year
  • Meeting w/ voc rehab for Irina this month
  • Nik is getting speech therapy and AV therapy now
  • Calling appliance repair place today
  • Soccer tryouts/ registration coming up
  • VBS coming up
  • Family Fun Fest carnival coming up this weekend
  • Thinking of going to open casting call for Biggest Loser
  • Kids ready for Courtney to come back and visit
  • Starting lapbook this week on Summer Olympics
  • I have a sucky summer cold
  • Went out to dinner last night
  • Lazy swim/ clean day today
  • Garden still growing
  • Growing a pumpkin of all things
  • Logan is talking about his b-day party for next month
  • Bought hair paint yesterday only to find out today it's regular paint
  • Trying to find home for little boy w/ HI and arthrogryposis
  • Planning vacation for next year
  • Planning some day trips for August
  • Planning some fall trips when it's cooler
  • Need to apply for grants for Nik
  • Nik really wants those Neptunes and so do we
Usual stuff going on here.  Irina, Yana and I are seriously getting organized.  Any junk drawer, closet, etc.  It's great.  Now, if I could just get Warren to work on his clutter.  LOL.  Can't wait to get started on the house stuff.   More space here will help.  We like having extra beds as we tend to have house guests here and there.  Kyle stayed w/ us last summer.  Warren's sister stayed w/ us for about a year or so.  And Courtney this summer here and there.  Her visits are not long at all though we wish they were longer.  Kids like her and so, so much to tell her about adoption.  Really is.  Also, kids friends sleep over often.  In addition, we tend to add kids here and there.  LOL.  More space will be awesome for many reasons.  A fence will be fantastic.  I think I'll like that best.  We're also getting the leaky faucets fixed in the girls' bathroom this week.  Unfortunately, it is a job that Warren can't do.  Not the right tools for it.  After getting the quotes, I can honestly say Warren should have been a plumber!  yikes!  Anyhow, has to be done.  Got to go.  More phone calls to make.  I'll finish up the fireworks post later.  And, have an older child adoption post I'm working on.  You know, since we have a few of those kiddos. 

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