Monday, July 2, 2012

Manic Monday

It really is a manic Monday it seems.  Have lots to catch up on from when we were gone.  So, here goes a few bullet points.

  • Cleaning house
  • House guest arrives tomorrow for a few days
  • Finally caught up w/ vacation laundry
  • Washed the rv
  • Washed the dog
  • Confirmed 10 dental appointments for next week
  • Called doc to make more doc appointments for various kids
  • Alyona needs a shot to start middle school
  • Working on what we're going to do w/ homeschool next year
  • Trying to figure out Irina's stuff
  • Going to look for the teens a job (told VERY hard to come by here)
  • Making a list for us to work on at home for fixing things
  • Looking for contractors
  • Decided not to move
  • Kids excited about redoing the house
  • Loved our vacation
  • Love the rv
  • Planning our next vacation
  • Catching up on emails (had 700, down to 22 now)
  • Answering folks about various things as fast as I can
  • Looking into being a therapeutic family of sorts
  • Waiting to hear about sib of Reni & Logan in Bulgaria
  • Kids are screaming in the pool....URGHHH!!!!  
  • Alex & Alyona had a pool party this past weekend
  • New pastor at church we need to meet
  • Getting research results faxed to the school is proving nearly impossible
  • Dogs are doing well
  • Nik still desperately wanting Neptunes
  • Looking into a grant for them
  • Trying to figure out how to get an Ipad for Nik 
  • Finally cleaned out junk closet today.  It was enlightening.  LOL.
  • Need to order meds
Much, much more happening around here.  Just trying to do one thing at a time.  That's all you can do.  Tomorrow it will finally NOT be over 100 outside.  Wahoo, only high 90's.  I'll work on DAY 6 of our trip tonight.  For now, got to go make some spaghetti and get some kiddos out of the pool.  So much for any of the new ones being afraid of water any more.   

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