Sunday, July 15, 2012

Look, he's NOT Stephen King!

Those who've been on here awhile now know that Nik has an unique gift for, umm, we'll say art.  Nik loves to draw to express himself and communicate.  Even when first home, when he was learning language, he would go and draw what he wanted and stick it in my pocket book for me to buy.  So, I'd have little ice cream cone drawings or things like that I'd find. 

Then he started to really draw.  Drew here, in school, etc.  I was not concerned at all.  Others may have been.  LOL.  The Humpty Dumpty remdition was still a favorite amongst many others.  What could be scary about Humpty you say?  He drew people pushing Humpty off the wall.  On the ground, Humpty was an egg.  The sun above had an evil grin and was frying the egg.  There were people standing around the egg w/ forks and knives ready to dig in.  Got to love imagination of a child.  In speech, she has him draw cards to practice.  Fish.  He draws a giant fish eating one of his siblings.  That type of mind. 

So, the other day when he drew something, I was estatic.  So much so that I even took pictures.  I needed evidence that he does indeed have another side to him and not just always in that "Stephen King" mode.

See!  He is capable of peaceful drawings.  I know this one is not complete yet but had to snap a shot before anything happened to it.  Look!  The sun is smiling.  No angry eyes.  LOL.  A giraffe, butterfly and even flowers. 

Did you look even closer?  A family of ducks!  Flowers abound as well.  I was delighted.  I know he must of thought I was nuts.   But you all know Nik's drawings and it's a rarity I get to see the soft side that's inside.  Just had to share it.  I'm sure we'll be back to the "Stephen King" mode soon enough.  I'll have to take some pics of his speech therapy cards.  For now, enjoying this moment of art.  Hope you are as well. 

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