Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Last Friday

I never did finish up what we did this past weekend.  This past Friday the kids had an event at church.  It was to say goodbye to a wonderful youth leader at the church...Holly.  She has been called to lead youth at another church on Sunday mornings.  We'll still see her at church but it will be different not having her there for JAM on Sundays.  I know the kids adore her.  So, Friday they had a party.  It was from 6 to 9.  Warren and I left for a little bit to sort through tons that is going on at home w/ some of the kids.  Kids had an awesome time hanging out with others and just great fellowship. 

When we picked them up, we were asked if we wanted any leftover cupcakes or pizza.  It's food, throw it in.  See, Max and Bojan didn't go.  So, I knew they'd eat it.  Yana also didn't go as she and a friend went skating.  Was very sweet of the church to give us some extras to take home. 

Alex, just hanging out a bit.

I don't think there should be any fear of my kids not being able to eat it all.  

It was gone in what seemed like seconds.  Really, can I enter them in a professional eating contest?  Where does it go??  For such little bodies they can eat a pile of food.  Amazes me.  

Anyhow, great time had by all and just an enjoyable Friday evening.  More to come.  We've had some storms and power going in and out.  Seems to have passed though which is great. 

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