Sunday, July 8, 2012

It's HOT!

Sorry I haven't written.  It was 105 here today.  We did not swim at all.  It's like swimming in a hot tub despite adding cold water.  We organized and cleaned.  We also went shopping.  Finally got the boys another hamper.  After we've all hurt ourselves on the old one, it was time. LOL.  See, I found a giant wicker hamper about 2 years ago at a yardsale for $2.  It served us well.  Been looking for the past few months for one.  Nothing.  And, let's face it.  You find one for $2, it's hard to want to justify spending $20 on one.  But, had to do it today.  Seriously, the old one became a weapon.  Wicker spikes on top.  Anyhow, TJMaxx it was.  Nothing exciting there. 

Then, tried to get Alyona and Alex to spend their b-day money.  What was left of it.  Why?  Because you just don't give these kids money. It's hard on them.  They don't understand.  At all.  Makes for a rough situation till it's gone.  Hence, why they don't even get an allowance yet.  FAS kids really do NOT understand money even once older.  Anyhow, it was semi- successful.  They still have a little bit left.  Been accusations of theft from each other and Alex tried to get Alyona to pay him $1 for an oreo cookie.  URGHHH!!!  Anyhow, after that we headed to Petsmart as the fish at Wally World tend to die.  I wanted new fish as our suicidal goldfish died while on vacation.  It was one from a pond.  I got it free.  So, can't complain.  This time, got an Oscar and a dempsy.  Cool looking too.  Nik got a new Beta.  Irina some things for the guinea pig.  And, since Wally world also did not have dog clippers, dog nail clippers for the pooches.  Also, saw this moss type looking ball.  Apparently it sucks up all the dirt in tanks.  Putting it in the boys' tank.  Promised the girls a new bigger tank.  See, we start them out w/ bettas.  If, they take care of them and keep them alive, we let them progress.  Now, Irina's aquarium at the yardsale was a steal.  $10 but a $225 aquarium not even used.  Doubt we'll find that deal again but I'm looking for the girls one.  They're very excited.  Logan was not happy we wouldn't buy him a mouse.  I said catch one in the garage.  Pet store guy said the same thing.  LOL.  Came home.  Realized fish still were not thawed. 

Time for dinner.  At 105, we did NOT want hot tomato soup for dinner.  So, since we haven't used our July out to dinner night, we did it.  Cleveland Draft House it was!  Local place w/ great food.  Yes, this area is called Cleveland, 40/42, Clayton-Garner, Garner, etc.  Yep, no one knows what to call it.  LOL.  I'm being serious too.  Has to do w/ wanting to be incorporated but last time no one could agree on a name.  Our family calls it 40/42.  We live in Garner, have Clayton phone #, kids go to school at Cleveland and we call it 4042.  No wonder the new kids are confused!  Dinner was fantastic.  We did enjoy it.  Two booths but they were next to each other.  No spills.  Always a good thing.  Came home, girls' friend is spending the night this evening.  All teens and Warren are watching Hitch right now.  So, light day but nice day. 

We are doing lots of organizing, planning etc. right now.  Lots.  This coming week I plan to get a lot done around here.  We'll see.  Kids and I are swimming all day tomorrow amongst the organizing.  Much more later.  Fourth of July pics next post.  BTW, I tried a great organizing thing someone put on fb.  LOVE it!  Kids hate it.  I'll share it tomorrow.  More to come.  Hope everyone had an awesome weekend.

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