Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Growing, growing and more growing

What are we growing around here?  Apparently, a few kids.  Well, and some butterflies and things. 

Bojan showing us how much he's grown since his first leg.  Look at that thing!

Can you believe just how big he's gotten!?

To me she really has looked like she's growing.  I know she isn't really but looks like at least a little bit to me.

  Bojan explaining to Logan and Alex why the old one didn't work and what he didn't like about it. 

I bought this on clearance at Wally World for $7.  It's a butterfly garden.

These are the catepillars that will be turning into 5 butterflies in a few weeks.  It's great to watch the process and see the kids learning about it.  Today, they just made their cacoons.  awesome!  Can't wait to see the butterflies come out.  A little science over summer never hurts. We're also doing lapbooks on the Olympics so when we watch them, we'll know about them.

Reni showing Summer the growing animals for the first time.  You put them in water and watch them grow over 3 days.  They get pretty dog gone big too.

Summer, not quite so sure about touching those things.

 Ooh, getting her courage up to give it a try.

Now we're having a little fun.  This was day one.  They have grown quite a bit.  Still growing too!  Then they shrink back and you can do it all over again.

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  1. The painted ladies is a fun experience. You can do it over and over again...just have to buy more caterpillars.