Sunday, July 29, 2012

Getting crafty

You can only do so much swimming during the summer.  Well, the other day I cleaned out the homeschool bookcase which apparently had become the local catch all upstairs.  Found a few things and we decided to get creative that day.  Here's some pics from that day. 

Logan, starting to work on his canvas painting.  Found it in the bookcase.

Think it's turning out really cool, how about you?  My kids really love arts and crafts stuff.  And, it keeps them really busy.  

Nik found Popsicle sticks and decided to make a church.  Our church.  

He's working hard creating a scene.  Lots of little nik naks coming out of everywhere. 

Nik working on his piece still.  It involved a cross, Easter Eggs and the grass we walk on.  He worked hard and presented it to Ms. Pam today, the youth leader at church.  He was shy and wouldn't really look her in the eye but he did it.  They're going to display it in the JAM room.  I think he'll be thrilled to see it there.

I found a bunch of iron ons that we had received for Christmas.  Told the kids to get some old t-shirts and we'll make them new again.  Above is one of the girls' friends ironing on a peace pattern w/ flowers for Reni's shirt.  Very cute.  Everyone was watching in my room.  I know it looks like we live in a cave but at 100 degrees outside, we make sure all blinds and curtains are shut so that it keeps costs down.  

Yana, trying her hand at the iron ons.  

This was the shirt Logan picked to put it on.  Yana did a good job on that.

Alyona with her new shirt.  I do think they turned out pretty cool some of them.  Gave them something to do and kept them busy most the day.  Was nice discovering some things in that book case that we hadn't used in awhile.  Nice little arts and crafts items.  Going to find some more tomorrow I think.  And, giving me the chance to organize.  

Today was Sunday.  We went to church, had a fundraiser luncheon for Operation Smile, and came home.  Then, shortly later went to VBS.  Well, I took the kids there while Warren went to Wally World to return paint that they couldn't match.  He went back to the paint department and waited he said at least 30 minutes for someone and gave up.  Went next door to Lowes.  He said it was worth every penny to be out in 2 minutes for paint that matched the FIRST time.  Ridiculous.  Customer service is so bad how on earth does Walmart stay in business?  Discussion for another day.  So tomorrow it's paint the dining room time.  With the right paint this time.  We'll then take a break from painting and wait for more estimates to come in.  It's frustrating.  Really working on Plan C as we are pretty positive this is not going to work out.  And that's okay.  Just frustrating b/c we truly want to get started on something.  So do the kids.  We will definitely need a few extra hands.  I think we could get a fence up in a day w/ enough help.  We'll see.  Still must wait on other things first.  Roofer told us today to claim storm damage from the recent storm.  Well, yeh, I'm sure we could but roof is about 20 years old.  We know it needs replacing and we just feel unethical trying to claim something that's not true.  Just not right in our opinion.  Apparently though, common practice.  

Anyhow, lots going on as usual.  Much more to come and more pictures.  Tomorrow is Monday.  Errands to the bank, school, haircuts, and snow cone place.  Don't ask.  Speech therapy in the afternoon, appointments being made and then VBS in the evening.  So hopefully, tomorrow will be productive. 

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