Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Future plans

Today I spent some times on future plans.  Lots of planning.  Lots and lots of planning.  Warren and I have had to think about the future a lot lately.  So, digging in and making decisions.  As you know, our dream of having a community for developmental disabled adults will not happen.  We're saddened by this b/c I do believe we could have helped many, many lead successful lives.   However, it all had to start somewhere and our first step was being able to sell this house.  We can not afford to take a huge loss on it.  So, hence the dream ends.  Yet, we need to push forward and still think of the future. 

This house needs to be re-arranged for it to work now and in the future.  Our
kids are getting older.  Currently, Irina and Yana have their own rooms.  Alyona, Reni and Summer share a big bonus type room.  All 5 boys share a room.  So, the plan C that isn't official yet is to take our current garage and convert it to a room for the 3 youngest girls.  Then, take Bojan and Max and move them to the girls' old room.  This would put all boys upstairs, all girls downstairs.  Then, we'd purchase a shed (shopping around for one) to move all the current garage items into.  Add our fence (not expensive as one side is already fenced & rest would not be a large area) and then refi the entire thing.   This will lower our payments quite a bit, give us the space we need and allow for things that pop up over time.  Like, say braces that are $7K and insurance won't cover but partial amount.  Multiply that folks.  Therapies and things of that nature that are out of pocket.  Lower payment helps accommodate upcoming expenses as kids age.  3 are of driving age.  Helping with insurance and things of that nature.  Just trying to think ahead.

Some other future plans we have are trip plans.  Trying to make then.  We now have our entire route planned out for the reunion trip next year in Ohio.  We'll be going to WVA, Ohio, KY, and TN.  Can not wait!  Found a water park for only $10 for adults and $8 for kids!  Going to the Parthenon in TN, Hard Rock Cafe, Mammoth Cave (the big one), and a water park are all part of the mix.  RV is saving us mega bucks and I highly recommend one to other big families.  We bought ours used and love it.  We've slowly been putting our own touches on it.  For our big trip next year, I've already shaved off  $1K from this years costs!  I'll save a thousand bucks any day.  LOL.  Call me frugal, cheap, etc. but it works. I spent today looking at various sites, coupons, etc. to help save on the trip. 

We also decided on an impromptu Labor Day Weekend trip.  Not far but a little getaway.  We'll be going to the State Zoo here, staying at a campground for 2 nights.  So, go to the zoo, to see the local pottery (known for it there), and to a transportation museum w/ a train ride.  Short but full of little fun things I think. 

Just want to interject something here.  If any of you out there are experiencing negative comments about adding more kids to your family, don't worry.  Ignore the comments.  We received tons of negative comments during our adoptions.  Some I'm sure meant well but didn't come out of their mouths well.  We heard things such as "if you add more kids, your kids will never get to do anything."  Really?  Do you really think they sit around and do nothing now?  Look at the future and the trips/ places we've gone thus far w/ everyone.  It is NOT the # of kids that cost you the money.  It's the lifestyle.  Plain and simple.  I used to think we'd never be able to afford this many kids.  Remember, in the beginning we both had jobs (dinks) and could get whatever we wanted.  Didn't think twice about things.  New cars.  You just live differently with more kids.  Not bad but different.  And I think it's a good thing.  You start to see what's more important in life.  Is that shopping trip to the mall necessary?  Must you buy something new?  Today, I got the girls a 20 gallon aquarium for their new room w/ hood, light and all.  FREE.  Will anyone know it was used?  Nope.  Just put fish in it and no one is the wiser.  I'm just saying you can do plenty even w/ what is considered a big family.  Honestly, we could add 2 more kids and not notice the difference.  It's all in how you budget.  Hence, why I shop around when planning trips. 

Also, in the future are the teens and jobs.  Tomorrow we're returning some job applications.  In this area however, jobs seem hard to come by.  Add to that stipulations which some of them can't do such as cashiering, and that's limiting.  But, we're giving it a shot.  Have to.  For Max, we're also having him make some things.  If they turn out and folks want them, that is an option.  Never know until you try. 

Another thing in the future is being a therapeutic family possibly.  We are volunteering to be one now but in a different capacity.  We're available for people to talk to and things of that nature.  I wanted my 3 completely settled in first as a family before we'd attempt anything of a respite nature or things like that.  And again, for now, it's baby steps and acting more like a counseling type situation.  You know, an ear for someone.  This part truly is nothing new.  Again, don't know what the future holds for all this.  You take things slowly and move forward.  

There have been lots of talks lately of future plans.  We don't know yet what the future may hold but do know we're up for an adventure.  Whatever that adventure may be.  Time will tell.  For now, just trying to make a few plans here and there.  Just wanted to share a little with you.  Got to go.  It's 10pm and Max is now spackling the walls.  I just taped up the hallway for painting tomorrow.  Younger kids are in bed.  We are getting things done.  Finally.  I know this post may have been choppy.  One of those start and stop deals.  It happens.  Enjoy your evening.  

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  1. I just wanted to say thank you for all of your posts. I started reading a while ago and have just kept going. You are inspiring. I have only 3 of my own and we would like to adopt down the road. I'm going back to being a SAHM right now and am a bit nervous! Also home schooling one child and applying to foster. During my visit to the doctor (not mine, who was on vacation) she looked at my 3 wiggly, tired children (tired from waiting for an hour in her waiting room) and asked, "Don't you think it will be difficult to care for more children on top of these?" Your paragraph about not worrying about comments people make about additions to your family is just what I needed to hear today. THANK YOU! Btw...my husband and I honeymooned in TN and we went to something called the Dixie Stampede in Pigeon Forge. I have no idea how much it costs...but it was a blast, and the food was GREAT.