Friday, July 27, 2012

Fish in the water

So many ways I can go with that title.  I'll start w/ my room smells like fish.  Totally forgot one of my fish died.  Umm, like two days ago.  How do I forget something like that?  But, I did.  Took care of it though.  Trying to get it not to smell like fish now.  Now, just masked by candle smell.  You'd think I'd be more aware.  Hey, accidents happen.  I liked the colorful Oscar though that we had. 

Next fish in the water are my kids.  They have really been swimming.  Got some good pictures today but haven't uploaded them yet.  These are from the other day.  Kids enjoying the hot, summer sun.

Nik, coming up for air.  He and Summer love those rubber bracelets.  He still has the ones we got free from our vacation.  We got them at the Dairy Barn restaurant.  The orange and yellow one is from JAM at church.  

Do you think she's relaxed enough?  Yana, enjoying some time w/ friends. 

Summer has turned into a fish.  She loves it.  Yes, the one terrified of water won't get out of it now.  

 Reni and Alex diving for dive sticks.  Pool is finally blue again.  Pool place said many have been coming in this summer like us unable to get it blue again.  Crazy.

I love this picture.  Just shows they care about each other.  Maybe I should take one when they're yelling at each other too to show balance.  They are sister and brother you know.  LOL.  

Yana.  Not quite sure what she's thinking.  But if she sees this picture she'll be thinking "Mom, why'd you post that?!"  

All the kids have really been enjoying the pool.  Right now, we're watching Flashpoint and then swimming.  Cleaning the house too.  Lazy type summer day.  It's great b/c I knwo it's going to get hectic again very soon.

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