Friday, July 6, 2012

Finding a family for Jay

I'm back and thought it was high time to start advocating for some very special kiddos again.  This time, a little one with hearing impairment issues (sensoneural hearing loss) and arthrogryposis.  This is one of the cutest little guys to boot.  It will take a special family to help this little guy.  He turns 3 yo this month.  He is located in EE and I am not allowed to display a picture or identifying info as you all are aware of the rules.  I can tell you it is a two trip country but many tend to not wait out the 30 days any more after court and just do three trips instead.  A family that can work fast would be wonderful as this kiddo will thrive in a family.  They are already working on the pointsetti method for this little guy.  He has bilateral clubfoot.  So many opportunities this little one could have here.  Finding a home for a child w/ dual disabilities is never an easy task.  However, I've seen what these children can over come first hand.  Nik comes w/ quite a few dx's as well.   Yet, he's thriving in our family.  This little guy is absolutely going to make a family very happy.  If you would like more information, please feel free to contact  Caitlin at Kids To Adopt.  Thanks so much!

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