Friday, July 6, 2012

Father's Day

First, I'd like to answer Lynda's questions.  Lapbooks are more of a visual learning tool we use for our homeschoolers.  See, in public school, Alex couldn't get multiplication.  That is the ONLY thing he wanted to learn this year.  So, figured I'd get a lapbook as I like them for various subjects.  Simple, simple concept yet seems effective, at least for my kids.  They love, love, love it and have actually retained information this year.  I asked Alex what was different this year in learning.  What did he like.  What helped him.  He said "Mom, those books we did were cool.  I can remember things w/ them."  We use two different companies.  The Journey through Learning company seems to be easier for my younger kids.  Homeschool in the Woods is more in depth but awesome.  We're going to do a combo this year.  I supplement these w/ other sources as well.  Here's the link to the one site .  Look at all lapbooks.  It's easy b/c it's instantaneous.  We're doing the Olympic ones starting tomorrow.  Can't wait b/c we learn about it and then get to watch the Olympics.  Awesome.  Wanted to do the 4th of July one but we were on vacation.  May get it for next year though.  We're still learning how to teach Nik so that's a hard question to answer. 

Onto Father's Day that I didn't have time to write about previously. 

Every Father's Day we make Warren a tacky shirt w/ a stupid saying on it.  

 Warren, reading his card.  Each of the kids wrote something.  They were too excited that they couldn't last till Father's Day so he got it a day early. 

All the kids anxious for Daddy to open everything up.  

Warren rather suprised he got a burger press.

NOt sure what that look is.  Oh, I know.  It was hard to read as it is a picture on a mug.   Picture of all the kids together.

Warren checking out his mug and laughing.  See, we can't quite afford a space of his own.  He's always wanted a "man cave."  Instead, we got more kids.  LOL.

One day, maybe he can put his mug in his man cave.  

Reni liked seeing her name there.  Warren was checking out the shirt.  I always put a saying on the back below the names.  This year it said "finally finished???"  I don't think he thought that was too funny.  I did though.  We had a low key Father's Day and just enjoyed it.  Actually, we were getting ready for our big trip.  Great day all in all and kids are really happy they have the best daddy ever!

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  1. Thanks Stephanie for answering my question! Doug and I are visual learners as most deaf people are so this looks like excellent website. Will research it tomorrow as its past midnight and I need to head to bed.