Sunday, July 15, 2012

Family Fun Fest

Yesterday, was Saturday.  We went to a local Family Fun Fest put on by a local church.  They host this every single year.  At their own expense.  For the entire community.  I think that needs to be highly commended and recognized. 

This is the church that put the whole thing on.  For everyone.  Not just one religion.  And even though we already have a church, I think it's awesome that others in the community are willing to open their doors like this.  

You get there and they hand out candy.  My kids were in heaven.  Noticed they wasted no time eating it.

Alyona enjoying a horse ride.  I think she looks like a pro up there.  One of my dreams years ago was to do equine therapy for the kids.  We had 5 at the time and they all qualified.  Tried it for a month and they loved it.  However, to continue, it would have been $800 a month.  Couldn't do it.

Now, Nik is comfortable around just about any animal.  

 And Ms. Summer's very first pony ride!  Her face says it all.

They got to hold rabbits.  They are definitely used to these at Winterpast Farms but any chance to hold an animal is one they'll take. 

Nothing like a good old slip and slide.  Nik could fly down that thing.

They'd run right back to go again.  The guys running these booth were so awesome.  Always playing w/ the kids...and adults!  They obliged when I told they to spray Warren w/ the hose.  I said I'd take the blame.  LOL.  It was great.

My drowned rat.  Not phased a bit.  Just super duper happy at the slip and slide.

I couldn't get the one w/ her expression.  It really was priceless when they pushed it from behind and she screamed w/ delight that she dunked the guy.

Ahh, we come to Reni.  Does she look happy?  I hope not.  Now, let me explain that statement.  See, the day before Reni, Alex and Logan got in BIG trouble.  Grounded for 3 days.  That included this.  Now, originally, I was just going to let them stay home so they couldn't see the fun they were missing.  Well, that is until they kept saying they don't care, smirking, laughing, etc.  I said fine, you're going.  

Even when they saw the inflatables, they really didn't care.  That is until they saw the other kids having fun.  It finally, finally clicked.  Again, original plan was to leave them at home.  But after truly getting worse the rest of the evening, being mean, etc. I thought the lesson needed to be a bit bigger.  After that, Reni was an angel the rest of the weekend, apologized for what she had done and truly showed remorse.  She got out of being grounded a bit earlier.  Alex and Logan, well, they are still learning.  I swear Max wasn't this much trouble at their age.

Alyona, trying her hand at baseball.  It really was a cool set up they had.  The ball floats.  

Warren tried his hand at it too!  He said it was way harder than it looks.  It really is.  The ball keeps moving w/ the air.  

You can tell it's a great time when they're all sweating.  LOL.  Reni was so mad in the beginning that she didn't even want a snow cone.  Logan and Alex had no issue w/ eating snow cones.  Reni later caved and ate lunch.  Oh, they also provided lunch as well.  Just was a great over all time.  Teens went off on their own.  hence, not really any pics w/ them.  Max and Bojan were the only ones who opted to stay home.  They were "replaced" by two of the kids' friends that went w/ us.

In the bag were stickers.  Nik decided he wanted to decorate his implants w/ them.

Not a bad looking implant.  I took him to the ear gear site and he wants those things now.  Anyhow, everyone had a pretty good time.  Didn't stay long but long enough to enjoy it.  Went home and went to Lowes to pick up paint and supplies.  They had azaleas on sale for $6 each.  Landscaping it was.  Today, Sunday, we planted them all.  Also, Warren finished painting our bathroom.  We are practically painting the entire house again except for the living room and kitchen.  Crazy task but time for some changes around here.  More to come.  Need to check on a few other things.

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