Monday, July 2, 2012

DAY 7-- headed home

After a week of fun, it was time to go home.  Everyone was ready.  7 days really was pushing it.  Actually, around day 4.  But, they pulled it together enough that we wouldn't mind doing this again.  We woke up and left later than anticipated.  That's typical for Chaos Manor though so no worries.  Had oatmeal and fruit and hit the road.  And remember, this is the day that Alyona became a teenager!  She celebrated her 13th birthday on the road. 

My three youngest girls are really close to each other.  Love it.  Alyona is so different compared to last year.  A void has been filled.  We went to Applebees for lunch.

Alyona, happy to be a teenager today.

Once again, Nik and Logan comparing muscles.

Waiting for our turn to eat.  They were rather patient.  Had we known the wait was going to be awhile, we would have eaten somewhere else.  BTW, this restaurant had some of the worst service of any we've been to.  

Irina helping Alyona w/ the menu.  

 Alyona got her own sundae.  she shared it w/ Reni but no one else.

The kids cheered when they saw this sign.  Well, until we explained that we have to travel to exit 312 and we were at exit 1.  They were not as thrilled then.  Was a pleasant day to travel. Home was a sight for sore eyes.  Dogs missed us immensely.  Only 1 casualty while we were gone. Same thing happened last time we were gone too.  We have a hexagonal fish tank in our bedroom.  We had very large goldfish in there.  Actually, they came from a pond.  Beautiful fish.  Last time, fish jumped out of the tank.  This time, our dog sitter came in and found the dogs playing w/ the dead fish on our bed.  The fish had jumped out of the tank.  What is it w/ the suicidal fish while we're gone?  Crazy!  We all survived our trip and did enjoy it.  Memories made for sure.  We can't wait to get on the road again.  Well, Warren needs a break from driving. Poor guy.  All in all, great trip.  Few meltdowns and lots of cooperation.  We received many compliments on great behavior.  Always nice to hear.  I was pleased how everyone pitched in.  Pleased at how the older kids helped the new ones to swim.  Pleased that relationships were strengthened.  Hope you enjoyed some of the pics from our CMV.  We definitely enjoyed it.  Got some magnets.  Collect them everywhere we go.  Also, try to get a little momento for our time jar.  Got to get to bed.  Have a great evening everyone.

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