Monday, July 2, 2012

DAY 6-- Time for FUN!

After sleeping sound, it was time to get up and go.  This was to be our last full day here so we wanted to make it special for them.  What better thing to do than to go to an amusement park.  And this amusement park has the ride part AND then a water park as well.  All included in the price along w/ free soft drinks and free sunscreen all day long.  And, free parking.  In addition, the frugal side of me found $3 off coupons.  So, saved $36.  Wahoo!  Hey, for a big vacation for a big family you really do need to budget.  Anyhow, time for some pictures.

The kids were about to bust when they saw the sign.

One quick teen pic before they were off on their own.  Hence, why the next sets of pictures you won't see many of them in it. 

Getting ready to go on the tornado.  Anything that is out.  

While they were on the tornado, Summer and I headed for something more our speed.  You think she had a great time?

Summer and a squirrel.  As if we don't have enough of these in our yard.  

This is a kiddie version of the big one.  Summer was terrified of it.

 Alex and Alyona however loved it.

Nik, Reni and Summer.

Yes, this ride is more my speed.  LOL.  

Reni is my kind of girl.  She does not like high or spinny things.  

do you think Alyona or Logan is enjoying this ride more?  

Alex getting ready to go on the Crazy Bus.  That's the name of it.  

More amusement park pictures to come.  Need to go make dinner first.  Oh wait, we're letting Yana try to make dinner.  Yikes!  Now, I know that that's bad to say but some people are just made to order take out.  I think she may be one of those people.  Seriously.  we've given her simple stuff, Irina and I have, but it never fails.  We're trying again tonight w/ another simple thing....spaghetti.  And, it's not even homemade sauce this time.  Just Ragu in a jar.  LOL.  We'll let you know.

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