Monday, July 2, 2012

DAY 6-- Time for fun (Water park)

We left off for lunch in the rv and then it was straight back to the water park of this place.  Ever get a chance to go to Beech Bend in KY, do go.  Nice family amusement park.  And for our kids, perfect.  Not too huge, yet not too small.  Could break off into groups, etc.  Just really pleasant.  Back to the water park.  didn't take a whole lot of pictures b/c well, I wanted to be in the water too. 

Nik looking like he practically surfed it.  LOL.  

 Even brave Alyona went down a blue slide.  I was told red was the hardest, blue medium and yellow was the easiest and open.

And who's feet are those you ask??

Why Warren coming down the slide.  He couldn't let the kids have all the fun.

Reni, probably rehashing the whole ordeal.  Okay, let me explain what happened.  Warren and I put Reni in a float down the lazy river.  She was in her life jacket from home, and, it was only 3' deep so she could stand if she fell out.  Plus, Alyona was w/ her in another raft.  I don't know if Alyona got out or what.  And, Warren and I had NO IDEA the lazy river fed right into...the wave pool!  You know, the big wave pool that sloshes you around.  Poor kid.  I went in next w/ her then to undo that trauma.  It worked but she still wasn't too keen on that wave pool.  

Reni, taking a rest from that wave pool.

Irina, enjoying some sunshine.

One of the only shots I caught of Alex as he was always on the move.

Nik is becoming such a handsome young guy.  Love him to pieces.


Alyona giving Reni a push.  These big things were so cool.  Kids loved them.  

The younger girls enjoyed this play area a lot.  

Everyone getting ready to go and drying off.  

One last bit of relaxation.  They all knew this was our last day and tomorrow would be lots of travel.

Nik along the fence looks like he is just longing to go in there again.  Summer looks so big on the end there.   I swear she grows right before my eyes.

Max just vegging out.  

We had such a great time that day at Beech Bend.  Really was awesome and kids asked if we were going again next year.  After this, we went back to the cabin and I made spaghetti.  It was packing and more packing and cleaning.  Went to bed ready to get up early for our 13 hour car ride home.  Stay tune for our last day of our vacation. 

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