Monday, July 2, 2012

DAY 6-- Time for fun part 2

Still more fun to be had at the amusement part of the park.  See, first half of hte day, we went on rides.  Second half, we went to the water park.  Only one unhappy with that decision was Irina.  So, I figured you can't make everyone happy all the time.  Go with the majority.  Back to the rides.

Alyona and Summer going for a ride.  Reni and Nik were in another car in front of them.  

Reni taking a break from the heat.  Actually, we were sitting and waiting to watch and see if Logan would chicken out for the 3rd time in a row.  

My older kids are on this one and took Logan....finally!  He did it and had fun.

Nik had the BEST time on the bumper cars.  He was laughing his butt off.

Summer on the kiddie cars.  Someone had to help her.  Required left/right stuff.

Max and Bojan went on this like 10 times I was told.  It spins wickedly fast.  Crazy for sure.  They made Warren go on it.  

Summer even went on this coaster.  She wasn't quite so sure of it.  But did fine.

We all met up to have some drinks before hitting the water park.

Max, just hanging out.  It was a hot, hot day.  Splash Lagoon was the name of the water park we went to.  

Everyone was in the shade, having soda, and discussing what all they just rode on and what ones were the best rides.

Great thing about an RV....lunch in.  We had a cool breeze coming through which was nice.  Had PBJ, sunchips, water and apples.  Fueling up for a day of water fun.  

Everyone just hanging out and talking about their day and what we're doing next.

Heading off to the water park.

A little happy to go are we?

Now, who in the world do you think will tackle this beast??

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