Monday, July 2, 2012

DAY 5-- night at jellystone

Well, I did actually find a few pictures but none from the pool/ play area.  Still, thought I'd share.

Blurry but it's the entrance to our campground at Jellystone.  You check in at the Ranger Station.  Really makes you want to watch Yogi Bear episodes again.

Nik, goofy self-portrait.  

Yes, the countdown calender must go everywhere we do.  Oh, let me tell you something.  See lots of that food up there??  Remember that sweet lady Katrina I told you about meeting in the laundry mat?  Well, they were headed back to FL & since it was so stinking hot, gave us their food!  Onions, tea, ice cream, celery, carrots, etc.!  It was just awesome.  We used that food too.  Just was a nice blessing for us.  She even took a picture of our family.  Sounds like something I'd do.  LOL.

 He is just so proud of his  countdown calender.

This is how my son puts on sunscreen.  

 Everyone eating a late night of hot dogs for dinner. 

Yeh, no idea what in the world Reni is doing.  

I just thought this was a sweet picture.  Ignore that my child has no shirt on.  Shoot, it was HOT and she'd just finished a shower.   Just thought the picture showed how happy and close they are.

This was one of their favorite things to checkers.  

Summer, creating mischief, I'm sure.  Not sure why Nik is pretending to sleep.  Yes, Summer is still in diapers at night.  We mastered potty training in the day but night needs work.  She's proud she doesn't pee in the bed as she did w/ underwear but can't understand that peeing in the diaper is the same thing.  We'll get there.  I've been told kids w/ c-ACC are slow trainers.  Shoot, we were elated she mastered it so quickly during the day.  Hoping by Summer's end we'll have night time training down pat.

I do think they're enjoying their trip, how about you??  That concludes a long day 5.  Next up, day 6 and the amusement park and slash park.  But first, I think a Manic Monday post is in order.

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  1. Hi Stephanie. Glad you all had a great trip! I was curious about your potty training method for Summer. Working on potty training Emery and could always use some ideas! Take care.