Monday, July 2, 2012

DAY 5-- lunch at the Dairy Barn

After a rather hot outing at the Hidden River Cave, it was time to go out to lunch.  It will have been our first lunch out.  Every other day we literally had PBJ sandwiches so this was greatly anticipated.  Chaney's Dairy Barn is deemed the #1 homemade ice cream in KY by USA Today.  Can  we say yum?  And it so happened that we attended on National Ice Cream Day.  More on that one further down.  For now, some pics of our lunch outing. 

All of us sitting and waiting for our lunch to arrive.  Tables big enough?

Summer playing w/ her silly bandz.  See, we came on National Ice Cream Day.  We were all allowed to get a big scoop of ice cream free.  In addition, the older kids got all free t-shirts.  Younger ones got coloring books, pencils, frisbees, and silly bandz.  We all thought that was pretty cool.  Timed that right, huh? 

Summer quite proud that she learned how to snap!

  Trying to compete w/ how strong they are.  URGHH!!!  Drives me nuts.

 Logan has no problems picking out ice cream. 

Alex not complaining a bit.  He didn't want to talk b/c he wanted to eat!

Yes, she surely can finish the whole thing!

Most of us got mint chocolate chip.  Reni was no exception.  She's still skittish about eating chocolate as they told her in Bulgaria she's allergic to it.  Umm, no kiddo, you're not.  They did the same thing to Irina in Russia.

 Yana had no trouble eating this.  She got vanilla brownie I think.

 Irina enjoying her ice cream for sure.

Time for a picture.  They hate it but amuse me.  They have learned the quicker they smile, the shorter time they have to stand there.  LOL.  

Oh, most are smiling.  Everyone gets their picture taken in front of the cow.

Ready to hit the road again.  All fueled up and ready for the evening.  Don't have pics from that evening as didn't want to drag the camera with me.  So, we had an awesome time at Jellystone.  We went on the water slide, pool, jump pillow, etc.  I helped teach Reni and Logan how to swim.  Was just a really, really fun time for sure. 

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