Sunday, July 1, 2012

DAY 5-- Hidden River Cave

After a good night's sleep, it was time to start fresh.  Reni was just fine and she was back to her old self.  Oh, have to share.  One night back in Ohio, she wanted to walk w/ me to the bathroom.  I said okay.  Then Reni told me "you can't walk alone and bad guys get you.  I would not like that.  You have to stay here with me."   I thought that was really sweet of her.  She didn't want anything to happen to me.  Too bad I couldn't replay that one while she was in KY.  Oh well.  Anyhow, it was time for more adventures. 

 Much more pleasant kids that morning.  Summer and Nik hamming it up for the camera.  It was yogurt, scrambled eggs and bagels for breakfast. 

Kids watching tv before we left for the cave.

Max and Reni trying to find shade.  Did I mention how hot it was?

Waiting for our tour guide to come.  

Teens taking things in stride.  Yana and Max just vegging out.

Nik and Reni.  

What better way to entertain yourself on a hot day then to jump off a bunch of rocks.

Alyona taking her turn at it.  Hard to believe she's a teenager now.

Blue hole.  Pretty cool.  Comes from the rocks and minerals.  The color that is.  This was actually in the Guiness Book of World Records for shortest and deepest river.  It was proven later to be untrue.  Cool story.  

 Entrance to the cave we were going to.

 Lots of Jesse James stories here.  Was untrue though as he was robbing a bank in Missouri when they said he was here.  Again, we learned a ton on this tour.

This moth seriously did not want to leave Max's hand.

Everyone ready for the boat ride.

All smiles. First part of this was nervous for me.  You have to duck all the way down or you'll hit the cave.  Seriously!  And, you're going toward darkness.  Oh, and our boat's light was broken.  Yeh, adventure.  Cool caves inside.  None of those pictures really turned out though.  

Used to be a night club.  Lots of cool stories w/ this one too.

Look at the amazingly clear water.  Awesome.  Really awesome.  

Group picture take I.

Group picture take 2.  Not too bad.  Looks like a post card.  LOL.  

And take 3 was a no go.  

Everyone getting ready to go to the next adventure.  They're hoping for water somewhere.  It was so dog gone hot.  High 90's.  Luckily, you can stock the rv w/ food and water. It's great to come back to.  Rest of DAY 5 coming up.

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