Sunday, July 1, 2012

DAY 4-- in KY

We left that Sunday and headed down to KY.  Plan was to get there, go to Walmart and then chill. Doing laundry in the cabin.  Trouble was we found out there was no laundry in the cabin.  So, off to the bath house we would have to trek.  No biggie.  Warren and I went and met a cool lady from FL.  Her name was Katrina.  Very sweet, easy to talk to and knew a lot about IEP's and things of that nature.  Warren and I went back and forth w/ laundry.  Took turns checking on the kids and bringing each other drinks.  Also, trying to decide where to go out for dinner.  We had had enough of PBJ and the like. 

Bojan, just chilling out doing a puzzle.  There was a tv in the kitchen so that was a hotspot to be.  Well, that or outside playing checkers on the deck.  They loved that. 

I know these are blurry.  And usually I don't take pictures of things like this but it can be very therapeutic for the kids later to see themselves and talk about what happened.  This is Reni against the fridge.  Alyona right behind her.  This meltdown all started b/c I yelled at her for not listening while I was talking.  Okay, so she was totally ignoring me.  

Alyona providing comfort.  And no, I should not be the one at this time.  Trust me, it would have made the meltdown worse.  For new parents of PI kids, that is the hardest part to learn...knowing when they need you or to be left alone.  Her sister was "okay" to her b/c it was not me.  For remember, at this point, I have taken everything away from her.  Ahh, is it starting to make sense now.  

This was after we left the Bulgarian Reunion and arrived in our cabin in KY.  That's what fueled the whole meltdown deal.   Her memories and reliving them a bit by being around native speakers. Hence, why we drop their native language the first month after being home w/ any of our kids.  We learned this early w/ Irina and Max. 

We took Reni anyhow.  Can't leave her there and we knew this was just temporary.  She needed something to take her mind off things.  Out to dinner it was.  Long John Silvers.  We were the only ones in the restaurant thank goodness as the kids were wired.

Nik, by daddy again.  Of course, blowing a straw wrapper at me.

We finally put Summer in a high chair b/c we were tired of her walking around.

They all really enjoyed the chicken and fish we had.  This was a combo LJS and A & W root beer restaurant.  Had never seen that before.  

Nothing like filling them all up and going back to the cabin to sleep.  

Bojan and Max decided to get up and dance w/ the music.  My comedians for sure.  Again, happy there was an empty restaurant.  Of course it was like 9 or 10 at night as we had to finish laundry first.

got back and Irina helped the younger girls get organized.

When picking the rooms, Nik wanted to sleep w/ the younger girls.  Fine by me as usually he and Logan and Alex throw stuff at each other at home.  Solves one issue.

Think she'll sleep after a 3 hour nap earlier on the way to KY?  Yes, she did.  BTW, gave up on sheets matching long ago.  Martha Stewart would hate this unmatched wrinkly house.  LOL. 

Sleep and then it was get up to tour a bit.  Hoping to finish some of this up tomorrow.  Gee, we did a lot last week on vacation.  may have to interrupt for a Manic Monday post tomorrow.

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