Sunday, July 1, 2012

DAY 4-- Breakfast time & hitting the road

After sleeping, kids and I got the stuff ready to be packed up.  I went over to help w/ breakfast a bit though they really didn't need much help that day. 

 Logan hitching an early morning ride before breakfast.

Summer and Reni getting ready to paint.  again.

Alex loves to ride bikes.  It was another very hot day so even morning riding was hard for him.  

Alyona just adores this little girl.  She's such a great little mommy.  Yes, she is still bugging me about having a baby.  

Nik's self-portrait.  Lovely, huh?

This picture means so much.  See, Nik doesn't really take to many people in the house.  Mostly me.  Doesn't let people touch him.  I can not even hold his hand.  He'll only hold my wrist.  So, for him to stand next to Warren and let him touch him is huge.  

Max, being Max.  

Trying to get all the Bulgarian adoptees in one picture.  I guess Nik denounced citizenship from Russia.  LOL.  

Another shot at it.

Saying goodbye to our mini cabin.  It's a step above a tent.   Next year, we'll be going to an rv site and also pitching a tent.  I think it will be easier for sure.

After saying our goodbyes, it was time to hit the road again.  Not sure who's player Logan has but he's into it.

Is she going to go to sleep for this leg of our journey?

Yep, she sure is!  Summer was zonked.  It was a very long weekend and we were ready to hit the road again for more adventures.  Everyone was so exhausted and burned for that matter.  So, we opted for no extra outing during this time and told them they had to stay in the whole rest of the day.  DAY 4 coming up!

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  1. yay! you guys are back and back on the blogosphere. I have been eagerly anticipating your stories of the trip!