Sunday, July 1, 2012

DAY 3-- Splash Park

After breakfast, we all just hung out a bit and chit chatted.  Then, it was time for lunch and off to the splash park w/ other families.  We hitched rides with a few folks and then back again.  Splash park was right up the street so nice and close.  Though geared toward younger kids,  you could also paddle boat, etc.  Just a really nice, nice place to hang out. 

Alex had a blast with the water as you can see.  He's in his element.

 Nik enjoying the frog.  Logan waiting his turn.

My youngest son.  Also, in his element....water.  My kids could live in the water.

Warren treated all of us to ice cream cones.  Nothing beats that on a hot sunny day.  

Yes, I think she did enjoy the chocolate cone.

Nik, with his fake smile. LOL.  We found these rash guard shirts at a consignments shop.  My boys LOVE them.  And, helps them not to get burned.  

Nik, trying to do the minute to win it game against Bojan.  They had some fans during this.  
Nik, getting the noodles on the skewer.  He beat me every time.

Bojan, playing against Nik.  

Max helped out with dinner.  The grill meister that he is.  He cooked chicken too.  Dinner was a big potluck and then we had activities afterward.  More on those in the next post. 

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  1. Don't forget we had Minute To Win It in the morning for kids ages 8 and up and about half of your kids participated. I also had a story time planned for the kindergarten and early elementary school kids, but they were just so busy socializing and having fun, that I dropped it. Gotta think of activities for next year. Apparently I am in charge of that ;).