Sunday, July 1, 2012

DAY 3--Playground and evening fun

After dinner, we all hung out a bit and chatted while the kids played.  Later that evening, some local Bulgarians came over for a visit. 

Alyona, drinking some lemonade.  Trying to stay cool.

Oooh, a smiling teen.  Always a good thing.

I was so relieved she had so much fun at the reunion.  Was great.  

I have many shots of them trying to get the kids for a group photo.

Yet another attempt at a group shot. 

Behind her is where we'll be camping out next year.  We'll do an rv site and also pitch a tent.  

Yana with one of the friends she made this year.  The older kids all went to the playground later that day w/ some of the younger sibs.  I let them take my camera so these are all their shots from the playground.

Bojan and Yana hanging out.  

Apparently even the teens had fun.

A shot of the playground they went to.  Had it to themselves it appears.

Alyona with one of her buddies she met at the reunion.  I think they were practically glued together.

Bojan, just hanging around.  And to think, a few weeks ago he'd just gotten out of a cast.

Can I just say once again how awesome a big brother Max is.  Always willing to help his sibs or other kids out if they need it.

Alyona upside down.

Not too much longer and she'll have the spilts down pat.  

Summer rode this trike until dark hours.  Just rode in circles over and over and over again.  She absolutely loved it.  Next post is the last one of DAY 3.  It will have about the Bulgarians that came to visit that evening.  And the reaction of my kids.

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  1. Isn't it so funny that Katrina was moping Friday saying that there wasn't anyone her age and then once she met Yana, they hit it off and was together all weekend! Now she's looking forwards to next year and hanging out with Yana again! :). Riana also keeps asking about Summer and was thrilled to see her pictures and said "my friend". So sweet!!