Sunday, July 1, 2012

DAY 3-- Bulgarian visit

After the playground, the older kids all came back.  Right before dinner, the local Bulgarians came by to speak with the kids and also teach some native Bulgarian dancing.  Very cool.  Logan's face lit up I was told.  This is both good and bad for us.  Remember, he's only been home 7 months.  He is still in transition.  We know they miss it as it is all they ever knew.  We're still in the adjustment periods.  But, this night was about having fun.  Reni was clearly struggling for words and most likely, she will not be able to speak but #'s and the alphabet next year.  Happens to all my kids. It's sad.  But unless  you use it everyday, hard to keep it.  Logan remembered and could fluently speak it.  Hence, why he is still struggling so much w/ English and Reni is flourishing w/ it.  Her brain seems to have already converted over.  Logan is slower b/c 1) he's older and 2) he is VERY stubborn in wanting to learn English.  We'll get there. 

Max.  I'm not sure what to say about this picture really.  

Alyona with Craig and his kids.  She absolutely LOVED pushing the stroller around.  She told me later we need a baby.  Whoa, kiddo.  For now, she'll just have to borrow these two cuties!  

Logan truly enjoyed the food.  LOVED the shopska salad.  A native Bulgarian dish.  

Reni and Yana learning to do the Horo, a native Bulgarian dance.


When she's older she'll be mad I caught this picture.  

Yana, relaxing by the fire.

Logan, just having a good time.  Really good time.

Some of the girls waiting to do another Bulgarian dance.  It was awesome they had kids of ALL ages there.  Really great.  

Summer, Reni and Alyona getting ready for their last night in Ohio.  Glow sticks, oh how I hated them.  LOL.  Don't they know glow sticks do not allow children to go to sleep.  Hey, at least the girls didn't break theirs like the boys did.  Warren was not happy w/ glow stuff all over the cabin.  These three really are close sisters.  fit in perfectly.  Next day we got up for our trip to KY.  Stay tuned for more.

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