Friday, July 20, 2012

Chillin', Cake Boss, and Cheeks

Today is Friday.  We're honestly just hanging out today.  Did some outside weeding early this morning but that was about it.  Kids have a church party this evening at 6 so going to that.  Yana is going skating tonight.  Max and Bojan have opted to stay here.  Everyone is doing something.  This weekend is a big work on the house type of weekend.  And soccer try outs.  And errands.  But, all needs to get done.  So today we figured would be best just to relax a bit. 

This is one way of chilling.   In a cool pool. 

It was so hot, the camera fogged up right away.  They are forming a chain to make a whirlpool.  Creativity.  Love our redneck patio set in the back ground?  Why yes, those chairs have no cushions.  

Still going strong.  

Didn't matter how much water they got in their faces, they kept going in circles.

And, a shot of our newest addiction.  We go through shows on Netflix.  Well, we are all now hooked on Cake Boss.  Kids have decided we should make some cakes.  So, next week we're going to work on that.  Granted, it won't look like Cake Boss cakes but I feel it will be a lot of fun.  And if not, at least it will taste good.  LOL.

Aren't they just the cutest cheeks in the world?!  

That's my girl!  All smiles all the time.  It's great.  Yes, she needs her bangs cut.  One thing at a time.  Doesn't matter what her hair looks like, I think she's the cutest thing ever.  This was taken right after she got out of the pool.  

Love that look.  Isn't she getting big?!  A few months ago, in a 3T.  Now, mostly 6/ 6X.  Crazy.  Tan little thing too isn't she.

And just b/c I can, here's another picture of the cutie pie.  The Bulgarian Princess.  Well, one of them anyway.  LOL.  Yes, this little one rules the roost.

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  1. She's gorgeous! What a doll baby. We live in New Jersey and we've been to the Cake Boss store. It's tiny and always jammed packed with people waiting outside on the sidewalk. An employee stands outside the door and only allows a certain number of people in at one time, because the store is tiny. :)