Monday, July 9, 2012

Chaos Manor in full swing! URGHH!!!

Warning, this is not a rosy post about my kids.  LOL.  Every once in awhile, it kicks in that I have ten kids.  Today was unfortunately one of those days.  Was it horrible?  No.  And I ONLY say that b/c no one ended up in the hospital this time.  I'm not even sure really where to start.  I think Nik and Logan had to be the worst of them to be honest.  They took the fish down from the laundry room.  They have to be hung a certain way.  Pain in the butt.  Logan and Nik decided for whatever reason to take down all the built in shelving from the bookcase in the bathroom.  BTW, shelves can only go in a certain way.  Max worked on that one for some time.  Next, they took out all the girls' clothing and dumped it on the floor.  All of it!  Why?!  Why in the world.  Made them pick it all up and fold it and put it away. 

What is this you ask?  Why part of Nik's wardrobe.  He tried to climb up and broke it off the bottom part.  It is unrepairable.  URGHH!!!  Added to the delight of my day no doubt.

Alex.  Alex is just mean today.  I know, I know horrible to say about your own child.  Too bad.  Alex was being mean to everyone.  Literally.  He also disobeyed by taking Kota for a run versus Alaska.  You may think this is no big deal but only the older kids or Warren & I can handle Kota on a leash.  (he's not friendly to other dogs so have to watch and make sure he's tight by). 

Alex seemed like he painted the table w/ peanut butter and jelly.  Lovely son.  Why?  Don't know.

Boys' room today.  Need I say more about this one?  URGHH!!!

Bojan and Max were practically torturing each other.  I don't get it.  It started out they were trying to be funny but somehow took a wrong turn.  Bojan pulled out one of Max's leg hairs and he retaliated.  No ice pack needed but seriously, should I be having to break up a 17yo and 13yo?  Makes no sense.

Notice Kota not looking too happy.  Let me explain a tad more.  See, the dog hates it, absolutely hates it when people hit each other or slap something.  Well, the flyswatter is something the dog can't stand.  Kota attacks the flyswatter.  Not the person holding it, but the flyswatter itself.  Kids seem to take a twisted pleasure in working the dog up in a frenzy over a flyswatter.  I told Bojan to quit killing the flies and wait.  So, Max picks it up and continues the same thing.  URGHH!!  This type of thing

The amount of back talk I got from the boys today was insane!  And to top it off, as I'm yelling at Nik and Logan, Nik takes the stupid implants off and smiles.  Really, not in the mood son. BTW, Irina told me about this one b/c he was in the kitchen and Logan in the dining room. 

Moving onto the girls.  They were just being obnoxious inside so I kicked them outside.  It had stopped raining.  However, the picture above was from when it was raining and they decided to go on the trampoline in the rain and slap each other with wet t-shirts.  A bit demented I'd say.  But they were laughing the whole time.  And, I figured at this point, maybe it would bring some goodness out of them.  Umm, nope.  Summer wet herself b/c she was too much into watching Diego and Dora.  Not happy. 

Girls ended up writing lines for their behavior earlier.  Summer wrote her abc's.  Girls, all of them, are pretty much being caddy to each other all day.  Irina decided she wanted to tease the dog w/ the Darth Vader mask.  I swear, we have the most tolerant dogs on the planet.  Irina purposefully dropped a ruler behind the couch.  Well, normally this would be easy.  However, you have to undo the sectional to get behind  there and get what you need.  URGHH!!  

Power was on and off today.  I've had kids write lines, get grounded, etc.  Tonight, Reni, Alyona, Alex and Logan went outside at around 9pm to run laps around the island.  Said if you're not tired enough to go to bed, we must make you tired.  Time to run around the island.  10 times.  Surprisingly, Alyona finished first and headed upstairs and to bed.  Dash (aka Alex) was next.  He too starts to walk inside.  Logan decides he should talk some"smack" along w/ Reni.  I asked Reni if she was now tired.  She replied no.  I said fine, run 5 more laps.  She was devastated I'd so such a thing.  See, Alex and Alyona know how this thing works.  You'd think the newer kids would catch on. I do believe Reni did.  LOL. 

I could go on w/ spilled glasses of water and milk but I won't.  It's unreal.  But, in the grand scheme of things, this is not that bad of a day.  I should not complain.  No one was hurt.  No stitches needed.  And as we always say in Chaos Manor... with every new day, there's fresh hope.  Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day.  On a good note, Warren must have sensed something as he brought me home some candy.  Yes, tomorrow is going to be better.

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