Monday, July 23, 2012

Bulgarian Budding Artists

As you know, Nik and Max are pretty much known as the artists in this house.  They love to draw.  Recently, my Bulgarian kids have noticed and want to do the same.  We came across a clearance rack w/ Dinosaur pages.  Giant ones.  I thought what the heck.  All the kids have been coloring those pages and not just the little kids either!  So, thought I'd share a few with you all.

Isn't she just a cutie potootie w/ those soccer shoes and that smile? 

Yep, Martha Stewart would hate our home w/ such disorganization and kids' pictures all over the place.  Oh well.  We're not out to impress.  Boy, is that obvious.   Summer me is showing me what she colored.  Don't even ask about all those stupid countdown calenders from her brothers.  URGHH!!!

Reni, very proud of what she colored.  I think it looks great!  What a smile on her.

Logan working on some colorings.

Also, proud to show off his work of art.  BTW, he's been working on some free lance pieces that I'll have to show off.  

More things to come.  Just been busy around this house lately.  Also, been working on a "RADish" lately so that has been all time consuming.  Otherwise, not too bad here.  Tomorrow, we pick up a $5 aquarium.  20 gallons!  Wahoo!  Score big time on that bargain.  Comes w/ everything including the hood, filter, etc.  Girls are excited as I promised them a bigger aquarium once they moved to their new room.  So, we'll be saving this one for that room move but can't wait to get fish for them.  Unlike the boys, the girls can keep fish alive.  Love Craigslist bargains. They'll surely enjoy it.  Have a great evening everyone.  Just spent an hour filling out one of Nik's grants apps.  Very tedious.  But worth it. It's truly a long shot but I have to try.  Not an option not to try.  More on it later.

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