Thursday, July 26, 2012

Blinds, boo-boos and a bag of chips

Lots of little stuff going on around here.  Mostly, fixing up the house and massive organizing taking place.  Helps a lot.  Also, planning for future events and happenings.  Slowly, getting things done.  Umm, if squimish, you may want to look away about mid-way down the page.

Hey, this can double as a Thoughtful Thursday post.  Max, our resident handyman amongst other things, put up all the new blinds in the dining room this week.  After years of the others falling apart, it was time.  Shoot, we were only down to 2 anyhow and we had 5 windows.  Lowes had a sale and well, there ya go.  Glad I have a son who can do handy things like this.  Helps Warren and I out immensely.  

When they all found out Logan got hurt, they all ran to him to help.

And normally, I really don't have pics of injuries.  But, I needed to send to Warren at work to get his take to see if we needed stitches or something of that nature.  It was just bleeding profusely for quite some time.  Currently, we have it bandaged up.  It will be fine.  Well, maybe.  Nik stomped Logan's foot again today so it started bleeding again as it split open.  URGHHH!!!  

Yana is getting better.  She used to pass out and get hives at the sight of blood.  Progress.  yet, there will be NO hospital work in her future.  She totally agrees w/ that one.  But, was proud she kind of took over.  My kids will tell you, I hate feet.  I just do.  So, when I saw nothing was cut off or requiring ambulance type stuff, I gladly let them take over. 

She's all that and a bag of chips!  Need to get her hair cut this week.  On that long to do list for sure. 

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