Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Blessings abound!

This past week, we have received quite a few blessings.  And, no matter how small it may seem to some, we are thankful.  A friend of mine brought a big box of cereal....Sam's size.  Being that we never buy cereal unless it's a super duper clearance, this was a very delightful treat.  My kids ate it the very next morning.  The whole giant box was enough to feed us breakfast.  What a blessing!  didn't even have to cook.  Strawberry shredded wheat.  Yum.  Thank you Rebecca!

Another friend of mine came by w/ a van full.  Literally.  It was awesome.  She gave Irina a big tv for her room.  This is awesome b/c we have one tv and well, opinions vary we'll just say.  So, this allowed the teens to go to a room and watch something a bit different than the younger kids.  Ahh, peace.  Big blessing. 

When my kids dig in, they really dig in.  LOL.  She also brought a load of clothes that the boys were going through until games were discovered.

Also, games were brought by.  This bey blade game was a huge hit!  Thank you very much Danielle!  HUGE blessing all the gifts that were brought by.  

We also had a friend from Warren's work give us a box of goodies.  I wish I could remember who he told me did it.  Honestly can't remember.  Yet another blessing in the same week by a generous heart who thought of our family.  

Look at all the goodies!  Jump ropes, candy,  bubbles, toys, etc. 

Sand bucket which we didn't have for the sand box.  Nik even cleaned out the sand box and went and played in it that day.  

Bubbles were a much appreciated gift.

My bubble blowers.  We had bubbles everywhere. It was great.

One serious bubble blower here.

She likes to look at every single bubble.  Summer can definitely blow some bubbles.  Her, Nik and even the bigger kids had a great time with these.  Thank you so much for the blessing of play.  It means a lot to the kids.  

Blessings out of nowhere are always the best kind.  It was wonderful and much appreciated everything we received last week.  Very thoughtful of everyone to think of us.  I know the pictures don't show all the things we received or all the fun we had eating them.  Hey, food never lasts long in this house.  But we were really touched by the generosity of folks.  Thank you.

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