Sunday, July 15, 2012


This is the second month I've done the Birchbox.  I've done Cravebox for a long time and am keeping that one.  This is the box I think I will discontinue.  It's not bad, it's just not my thing.  I like some of the things but between this month and last month, I think I'd do better w/ something else.  Again, all these are a variety of products.  For me, it's about saving money.  Some of you may like this kind of box.  Our family is into the Cravebox.  We're on the fence about the glambag as well but giving it another month.  I suggest you at least try them as it never hurts.  You may find one you really like. I have a friend who LOVES the Birchbox.  That's the awesome thing...all personal choice.  So, here's what we got:

Always love the way these companies package their stuff.

What goodies await??

This is what I loved the most.  Why?  Because recently one of the little kids cut Yana's ipod touch wires to the headphones.  I owed her a pair.  She gladly took these.  

These are mints.  They cost $3 a can at the store.  Mixed reviews from my kids on the taste but majority liked them.  I even still have a few but that's b/c I hid them.  

Here's Summer trying a mint.  Got a picture of Reni trying one but it turned out way too dark to see her face.

Lip glosses are always a welcomed site in this house.  5 girls, go figure.

Above, there is a small perfume sample.  There is also cream and nail polish.  Now, this is not a color I'd particularly choose but the girls absolutely loved it.  

Summer, showing off her nails.  They match her dress.  So, some cool things but I thought the samples were somewhat small compared to some other boxes I've received.  However, all is worth well more than the $10 you pay so still a great deal.  I can say the kids and I have really enjoyed trying some new products and have some now that are staples all b/c we tried them.  Give it a shot.  You just never know. 

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