Saturday, July 28, 2012

Beauty salon and a bowl full of cheeries!

Lately, it's been hot.  Yes, we've been swimming but sometimes you just need to find other things to entertain yourself with. 

Nik asked if he could paint Summer's nails.  I said sure.  His favorite color of  Everything is orange for him.  

She was so patient and he was so meticulous about it all.

Did a great job.  If you're wondering what's on tv...Flashpoint.  A summer addiction.  That and Cake Boss.  

Alyona brushing Reni's hair while they watch a show.  Sweet.  One day I'll have to take one of them fighting.  Trust me, they're true sisters.  They love each other and fight too.  

 On Fridays, I pick up my produce order from the farmer.  We have a standing order and get a discount.  Being a large family, you must budget even when it comes to food.  Well, all summer I've said no to cherries as they're just too expensive for us.  Just a fact.  So, imagine what a great surprise it was yesterday when the farmer gave us a bag full of cherries to enjoy!  It was just awesome he thought of us all. Great treat for everyone for sure.  Wish we could get them more.  It's just like kiwi.  Love, love, love kiwi.  But, for the amount we'd need, just can't do it.  Whenever someone asks how can we help your family, I've always said the same thing over the and clothes.  But get used up as soon as they enter the door.  Especially, with 5 teens in the house. 

Can you tell Alex really enjoyed his cherry?

This bowl of cherries was just devoured in minutes.  Literally.  They really did love them.  What a treat from the farmer.   Thank you! 

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