Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Alyona & Alex's b-day party

We got home late, late Wednesday.  Had Thurs. and Friday to get ready and rest up.  Then had Alex and Alyona's pool party on that Saturday.  Nothing like keeping busy, huh?  We decided this year to do a red, white and blue theme.  Usually, we do balloons outside, etc.  Well, it was the hottest day of the year...107 w/ 115 heat index.  Yeh, no balloons.  LOL.  Plus, kids really don't care about decorations.  It's about friends and fun.

Okay, so at Reni & Logan's dentist appointments, we saw this in a magazine and said we have to make it.  Turned out cute and delicious.  Next time, we're making just these as they wanted more of these and no cake!

To me, Nik looks so grown up in this picture.  We found streamers and mesh netting so we went w/ it.  We improvise here.

Wasted no time getting in the pool.

Kids of all ages were there to play.  

We may need a bigger pool.  LOL.  It was great that the older kids had some friends to hang out with as well.

The young lady to the left of Alyona is from Yana & Alex's orphanage.  We still all keep in touch for sure.  

Some cupcakes, cake and those jello cups.  Now, the jello cups ended up melting in the fridge.  Well, the whip creme part of them.

Alyona waiting for some presents.

Alex, happy to get started on the presents.

Alyona w/ a cupcake to blow out and Alex w/ a cake.  

Hope all their wishes come true this year!  Alyona is now 13.  We officially have 5 teens in the house now.  Alex turned 12yo.

Bojan being Bojan.  What can I say.  

Alex blowing up a present for the pool.  Basketball.  

Alex with one of his cool games he received.  He and Alyona also got some giftcards to use.  

Last year before he's a teenager.  Better enjoy it kiddo!

Okay, so the younger kids want to get presents too for their siblings but don't have any money to do so.  So, they go in their rooms or other people's rooms for that matter and get some items.  Then, they wrap them in notebook paper w/ confetti inside and messages.  Alyona's reaction to opening up her own leappad.

Alyona loved this Justin Bieber card.  Loved it.  Can you tell?

 Logan decided to tie all the balloons together.  I guess I should not show him the movie UP.  

Nik, doing something mischievious upstairs, I'm sure of it.

We all had an awesome time at the party.  Turned out well and weather was fine.  We're used to hot here so it didn't bother anyone.  Next birthday up in Logan's at the end of August.  yes, another pool party.  Got to go.  A lazy day today for the 4th of July.  we've been swimming, talking about adoption w/ our house guest who is filming us soon, making strawberry shortcake and essentially, vegging out today.  Love it.  Happy 4th of July everyone!

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