Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Nice Note

This past weekend, Logan received a package.  He was thrilled to say the least.  Not too many letters or such come to my kids so when they get something, it's a huge deal. 

All the kids are curious as to what can be in that envelope.  

As you can see, the excitement is building and smiles are appearing.  

 Irina was gracious to read the letter to them.  It came with a letter and 2 books.  1 of the United States.  Lots to practice! 

Letter also had a picture of Logan in it!  This they were all thrilled by.  

Blurry shot but you could tell how happy he was to get this special package.  

See, when we traveled to Bulgaria to pick up the kids, we were able to spend all week with an amazing family adopting a sweet little girl.  They already had the cutest little boy adopted just a few months prior from another country.  It was Craig and Viviene.  Some of you met them at the Bulgarian Reunion.  One of the hosts of the event.  We all just really clicked.  Not only the adults but the kids too.  For the first few days, Summer would ONLY go to Vivienne.  Not me.  Yes, sad but true.  Logan began to have a special bond w/ Craig which continued at the reunion.  Like best buds.  It's awesome.  Craig promised to write and write he did!  It was such a sweet gesture of him to do that for Logan.  Logan went and wrote a letter...in English right away.  Unfortunately, I've been out of stamps till today.  So, it got mailed today.  Can't say thank you enough.  Was just really thoughtful of them to think of the kids.  And a great way to get Logan to practice his English.


  1. g day i have read your blog for a while and when I read you post I was wondering if you would like my family and I to send each of your kids a letter from Australia... If you could could you send your snail mail addy to us with each of the kids names and we will get busy

  2. Logan seems soooooo happy for the package he received !!!