Sunday, July 8, 2012

4th of July Pics (part 1)

A few days ago was the 4th of July.  First 4th of July for Logan and Reni and Summer.  Always nice.  We had our house guest Courtney celebrate the 4th w/ us too which was awesome.  I'm sure she thought we were boring.  But, after a long vacation and then 2 b-day parties right afterwards, we decided a nice low key 4th was much needed.  Sleep in, swim all day, burgers on the grill and local fireworks.  Relaxing in other words. 

See anything wrong w/ this picture??  Can you tell she dressed herself?  As did Nik in the background working w/ his speech therapist.  Stripes and plaids, that's my boy.  

Ready for the big night.  On clearance last year for a quarter a pack.  

Summer.  Now a fish.

Summer and Reni playing ball w/ Courtney.  

Water still cloudy but we finally figured out there was a hole in one of the hoses.  This is Alyona enjoying a little time lounging around.

 Logan.  Rule here is you throw it out or last to touch it, you have to go out and get it.  I think it is time to get rid of that sad looking patio table.  LOL.  But, we have a plan for Max to try out making a pallet table.  Hey, pallets are free so worth a shot.  Saw it online and Max is game.  Hey, w/ new table sets being over a thousand, we thought we'd try free first. 

Mr. fit and trim getting in the pool.  Look at the muscles on his arm.  Crazy.

A hundred and some odd degrees out and my son is in sweat pants.  He loves to swing every single day.  

Think Reni has enough flotation w/ her?  

Nik, ready to come in and change into his bathing suit.

Max proving to us he can get in that little ring.  He'll kill me if he sees the picture.

 Max and Logan getting ready to launch Alyona.  The look on her face is simply priceless.  

Poor Courtney was such a great sport.  She is such a sweet lady and kids really liked her.  They all want her to come back. It will be a few more weeks.  Was wonderful talking to her and getting to know her more.  My older kids were shocked to her that college is not all "glam."  Different coming from someone else.  "Mom, did you know you have to share a room?!"  Yep, I know that.  

Logan watching w/ all his might to figure out how Max is floating.  Logan sinks every time he tries to float.  Max offered to show him.  He's being more of a nicer big brother lately.  In the beginning, it is hard to welcome another brother into the "pack."  Glad that he's seeing he can be a big brother to all of them.  They do look up to Max quite a bit.  max even took the time to teach Logan how to swim in WVA.  

More on the 4th of July at Chaos Manor. 

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